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Alter parameter oracle

Alter parameter oracle


ALTER SYSTEM SET shared_pool_size=100m COMMENT='Change by shahid 6/27' SCOPE=BOTH, aq_tm_processes=5 COMMENT='Change by shahid 6/27' SCOPE=BOTH

Modifying Parameters in SPFILE

Automatic Memory Management

The ALTER SYSTEM SET command is used to change the value of instance parameters and has a number of different options as shown here.

18. Changing Parameter ...

Change Oracle Parameters SPFILE

... 36.

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Figure 4: Effect of configuring non-automatic buffer parameters

If you then run the query to check the character set again you will see that it has been changed to UTF8.

The output clearly shows that Oracle remembers what the current undo tablespace is, even if you don't specify it. What happens if you have undo_management ...

Case sensitive passwords (and auditing) are a default feature of newly created Oracle 11g databases. The Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) allows you ...

Managing an Oracle Instance


Difference between PFILE and SPFILE in Oracle :

Parameter COMPATIBLE ...

Configuration of CDC Option for Oracle Through LogMiner | Oracle Database | Databases

SPFILE Parameter Values and RAC

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... ENV=(OPC_PFILE=/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db1/dbs/opcAWS11G.ora)'; restore datafile 6; recover datafile 6; release channel t1; } RMAN> alter ...

... patched Oracle Home; 68.

Initialization Parameter Files

SQL> alter system set smtp_out_server='smtp.server.com:25' scope=both;


View ...

Oracle Redo Log file drop for group 2

การตรวจเช็คฐานข้อมูล Oracle (v.

ORA-65096 Oracle error creating new user

The Shared Pool is a memory structure that is shared by all system users.

27 Setting Standard Auditing ALTER SYSTEM SET ...

Diagram of Oracle 11g Database migration from  DC1 to DC2. Singles instance to

alter system set event. Categories: Oracle

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The Oracle DBA must make sure that the FRA is large enough to contain backups and other recovery-related files.

encrypted column

SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET dg_broker_start=true;

The Oracle database returns data files to the previous point in time, but not auxiliary files, such as initialization parameter files.

Replicating Transactions Between Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database Using Oracle GoldenGate

Example done at the Standby:


The parameter ENABLE_GOLDENGATE_REPLICATION is not present in the Oracle 12c database and hence it has thrown the error. Please ignore it.


If a statement has been queued, it is identified by the resmgr:pq queued wait event.

SQL Plus command execution window for changing database parameters.

This was the error i am receiving.


parameter in memory and in your SPFILE: ALTER SYSTEM SET log_archive_dest_1='LOCATION= ';

password case sensitive

In a secure environment, the audit_syslog_operations parameter should be set to true to make sure

Avoid Poor Performance and Wrong Results when upgrading to

Description of Figure 6-2 follows

Oracle-Supplied Reports

modify table structure using Oracle SQL Developer

... standby' SET audit_file_dest='/u01/app/oracle/admin/toronto/adump' SET control_files='+DATA/toronto/control01.ctl' SET local_listener='LISTENER_TORONTO' ...

AWR -Foreground Wait Event

Oracle/Backup & Recovery

Oracle 11 G Features


SQL>ALTER SYSTEM SET TRACE_ENABLED=FALSE SCOFE=MEMORY sid='RACDB_1′; Which statement is true in this scenario?

Alter System Db Recovery File Dest Size

Taking above parameters into consideration, we shall run a SQL query with RESULT_CACHE hint and generate the explain plan.

Security Features of Standard Edition (One) – Part 2

In step 5, remove desupported initialization parameters, adjust deprecated initialization parameters, and add new ones. Make sure that all path names in the ...

Unhiding The Oracle Hidden Parameters

Modifying Parameters in SPFILE

Oracle Database Administration Tutorial | Create Initialization Parameter Files

enter image description here

View the Exhibit exhibit1 to examine the series of SQL commands and parameter settings.

13. Restart the database

sys/oracle@physt as sysdba alter system set dg_broker_start=true; exit '


Figure 4-4 Edit Archive Mode Parameters


In Oracle 12.1 the adaptive optimizer functions are managed by the. OPTIMIZER_ADAPTIVE_FEATURES parameter ...

Automatic memory management oracle 11g

Changed deprecated parameter on Oracle Database 11g R2

Create parameter file and modify it by setting minimum required parameters:

SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET dg_broker_start=true;

Restart the primary database for some parameter to take effect

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... 0 SQL> alter system set AWR_SNAPSHOT_TIME_OFFSET=1000000 scope=both; System altered. SQL> show parameter AWR_SNAPSHOT_TIME_OFFSET NAME TYPE VALUE ...

Partitioning ...

Enter a location for the software library and unchecked the “Configure a Shared Location for Oracle BI Publisher” option, and check the “Enable Oracle BI ...

alter system set processes = 600 scope = spfile; alter system set sessions = 660 scope = spfile; alter system set transactions = 726 scope = spfile;

If you are using an SPFILE instead of an init.ora file, then use a command similar to the following to change the CONTROL_FILES parameter:


SQL Prompt tip 2

Примечание. Считается целесообразным использование какого-либо стандарта при указании параметров; расположите их в алфавитном порядке или сгруппируйте ...

Adding On-line Redo Log File Groups

Oracle 12c In-Memory Option The Dual Format Architecture can be illustrated as The In

Time Zone Change