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Arduino control relay via bluetooth

Arduino control relay via bluetooth



Please be careful with this step! Remove the electric supply first. This will work as a switch, so remove the physical switch and connect to relay pin NC ...

Hardware Layout 1

Arduino Lamp Control via Bluetooth with Smartphone

Arduino/Android - BLUETOOTH Home Control + APP - HC-06

Android Arduino Bluetooth control channel module relay light 110V


App Inventor Blocks

Android Bluetooth control Arduino 8 devices


Picture of Connecting HC-05 Bluetooth Module With Arduino

Circuit Diagram

Smartphone Controlled Lamp | Arduino + MIT App Inventor

... to add a 5V relay to any 120V home circuit. Please refer to the tutorial “Using Android to Control Arduino” to interface the HC05/06 Bluetooth Module.

Arduino – Bluetooth 4 Channel Relay App

The Shield and the connected DHT Sensor

Get Sensor Data From Arduino To Smartphone Via Bluetooth

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Arduino and Android Bluetooth Relay Control (Tutorial)


Control of Lights + Fan using Wi-fi and Bluetooth

Arduino – Control DC Motor via Bluetooth


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Arduino Relay Control Tutorial

ARDUINO Kendali Relay via Bluetooth Handphone Android ( Control Home Appliances using Android )

Bluetooth Module

Smart Phone Controlled Home Automation Using Arduino

Figure 2. Photo in realistc

How to setup the SG90 servo motor with Arduino UNO and the HC-06 Bluetooth module

Arduino based Home Automation using Bluetooth

Android Arduino BT Control RC 16 Relays Control Channel Relay Led Lamp 110V Home Automation - YouTube

Turn Any Appliance into a Smart Device with an Arduino Controlled Power Outlet

Voice Controlled Home Automation Using Arduino via Bluetooth

Android Remote Control Car Using Bluetooth




How to Control Arduino Board Using an Android Phone and a Bluetooth Module

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Wiring the Circuit

Circuit Diagram

� Arduino + Bluetooth + IR


42 4.4:FLOWCHART Fig. 4.4: Flowchart of the program ...

Usually we used software Serialport library to control and communication with Bluetooth Module. The Preparation steps:

Arduino dc motor bluetooth


Controlling multiple relay switches using an IR remote

Bluetooth Controlled Light Using Arduino with Single Relay

Install “ARDUINO – BLUETOOTH 8 CH.” Application from Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mtm.relay8


Arduino Controlled by Android App Via Bluetooth

Arduino Robot Car Wireless Control using HC-05 Bluetooth, NRF24L01 and HC-12 Transceiver Modules

Simple Home Automation Using Bluetooth, Android and Arduino

Relay Board

Picture of Separate Multi-relay 5V and 12V Modules, High Triggered and Low Triggered

Bluetooth Relay Control


And we will that instruction using our Android Phone. In short, we will control our LED using a phone. And via Bluetooth we will the ON/OFF instruction.

... how to control 2 DC motors via bluetooth with an Android app created with MIT App Inventor 2. MIT App Inventor is a great platform to get you started ...


Bluetooth Mate, Arduino

Beetle BLE - The smallest Arduino bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)

Relay Shield v2.0 5V 4-Channel Relay Module for Arduino UNO / MEGA2560

Step 1: The Bluetooth module and the Arduino

Arduino based Home Automation System Block Diagram

Smart socket layout

This tutorial will show you how to add a 5V relay to any 120V home circuit. Please refer to the tutorial "Using Android to control Arduino via Bluetooth" to ...

Dc 12ボルト8チャンネルアンドロイド電話bluetooth制御リレーモジュール用スマートホームled照明

Adruino Garage Door Control (the soldered version) (Click photos for full size images)

Arduino Uno

Home Automation System using Arduino and ESP8266 - Circuit Diagram

Connect your Arduino UNO to the HC-06 Bluetooth module.

Arduino Bluetooth Home Automation

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How to Set Up an IR Remote and Receiver on an Arduino

Home Appliances Controlling ...

The smart light switch wiring, complete with Bluetooth module

1) Control analogWrite pins


Controlling LED's using bluetooth arduino

Jumper connected to Pins 0 and 1 on the BTBee shield

Kit Arduino Uno Control Relay via Bluetooth

Arduino Home Automation

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