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Azure devops rest api

Azure devops rest api



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... 14. #DOH18 14 Invoke Azure ...

Spring Data Azure Cosmos DB: NoSQL data access on Azure

Getting started with Azure DevOps - BRK2213

... Azure Pipelines; 5.

TalkDevOps : Introduction to Chef with Fraser Pollock

Azure DevOps CI / CD (i.e. Build / Release) mechanism is very valuable to me. It makes things reproduceable & robust. It allows me to change whatever I want ...

Solution architecture diagram

Jenkins World 2017: Azure DevOps Open Source Integrations

[JAZUG Tohoku Azure DevOps] Azure DevOps

Automating Build Pipeline Creation using Azure DevOps Services REST API – Nebbia Technology

There is no change in the REST API and PowerShell to create workspaces.

Microservices and DevOps

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For deploying our project using Azure DevOps, we create a Repo on Azure cloud. Then, you need to go to pipelines and create a new pipeline:

Backup integration – Azure Files is a true born in cloud file share and natively supports REST API to be able to provide higher flexibility of tooling and ...

I have also tries with the basic python module but getting a 401 Error where as the access token is correct because getting the response using the same ...

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DevOps Basics : Deploy a simple Docker environment on Azure

Check out "Artifacts" and "Artifacts Package Types": https://docs.microsoft .com/en-us/rest/api/azure/devops/?view=azure-devops-rest-5.0 …pic.twitter.com/ ...

Support for any Git client

API inspector

#DOH18 2 Organizers & sponsors GetLatestVersion.it ...

VSTS Test, JUnit and the VSTS Rest API

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Calling an Azure AD secured REST API from PowerApps using Flow

Building cmdlets for a REST API with PowerShell classes, Azure-based ... by Jeremy Murrah


How to Execute Azure REST APIs with Postman

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Azure Tips and Tricks Video - Use the Azure Resource Explorer to quickly explore REST APIs

Simple Pipeline


Azure DevOps

9 Azure App Services Web Apps API ...

Azure Weekly

Microsoft DevOps Hackathon - Part 5

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Deploying into Azure App Service using Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipeline

Azure Functions is Microsoft's answer the serverless architecture. They are very popular due to the incredible integration they provide with Azure Services, ...

In this first blog post, we're going to leverage an existing API specification to consume an external REST API, generate RAML files to expose the systems ...

11.3-Deployed application


Elasticsearch API 101

Real World DevOps with Microsoft Azure

Get the data you need to stay on track with customizable dashboards in Azure DevOps

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Azure DevOps

Expose APIs with peace of mind when using Azure API Management

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Learn how to use Azure REST API in @Ansible to automate Azure resources. Tutorial


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Discover flexible integrations

(Source : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/develop/active-directory-protocols-oauth-service-to-service )

Solution Overview

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How to Build a Node.js REST API on Windows Azure Websites

Automate tasks on VSTS with API - DevOps Hackathon Get Started Project | #TalkDevOps | Channel 9

Add a Promote Octopus Release Step

As already said we are using Azure Functions — two instances of them — in combination with Azure Blob Storage to build the service and persist the images.

This concludes the article – 'CI/CD Pipeline using Visual Studio Team Services'. To read the next part of the article, please visit – Azure DevOps CI CD ...

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Here's a reference to the root directory for the UI project, ui/src, given that the build process runs from .

Azure Pipelines

Azure REST APIs with Postman in 2 Minutes

1. Connect to LaunchDarkly

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Spring Boot File Upload and Download AJAX Rest API Web Service

DevOps Basics: Deploy an Azure Resource Manager template with Visual Studio Team Services

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Getting Started with Automated ARM Deployments in Azure - SentryOne Team Blog



New Azure Web App

Source Control Integration for Azure Automation

Microsoft DevOps FastTrack & Azure DevOps Migrations

The Development & Operations Service available on SAP Cloud Platform is not included in the DevOps category but it's one of the Mobile Services.

Processing data returned by the request. Most of the REST APIs ...

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Tutorial: Create Azure API App with AAD Authentication and Web Jobs

Next, here's what those steps looks like. Pretty straight forward.