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Collatz stopping time

Collatz stopping time


A short Matlab program was able to find the first 10,000,000 stopping times within a few minutes, without any optimization. Jacob programmed a Collatz path ...

Collatz conjecture

The x axis represents starting number, the y axis represents the highest number reached during the chain to 1. This plot shows a restricted y axis: some x ...

Non-conversion rates of unreached stopping times.



stopping time

The scatter plot of first 1000 numbers and their stopping times


And the code:

"Structureless" total stopping time for the first 1×10 6 natural numbers.

... Collatz sequences, Selected sets from Sum of Length and Evenness pattern

Collatz Sequence Computed by a Turing Machine

The Collatz conjecture is as follows: Take any nat

Two directed Collatz graphs

returning to an earlier theme, this is another simple study of stopping time versus the “op ratio” ie the ratio of 3n+1 ops over div-2 ops, ...



New results on the stopping time behaviour of the Collatz 3x + 1 function | Mike Winkler - Academia.edu

The theoretical quasi-stationary distribution (filled blue circles) is compared to the homologous


Here is my hypothesis and it happens that it is always true for any starting number n sub <0>

An Update on the 3x+1 Problem Marc Chamberland | Discrete Mathematics | Mathematical Objects

Python Beginner tutorial series using project Euler #14.1 - Longest Collatz Sequence

The histogram of first 1 lakh numbers and their stopping times


... it running in real time in TensorBoard Debugger - see the auto-generated graph code #collatz on 1337: ...

Reading Time: 2 minutes (xkcd): The Collatz Conjecture states that if you pick a number, and

Collatz Graph in Henshin

Fig. 1: Hailstone sequence for initial value N=27. The sequence reaches

and that's starting from what's probably the nicest nonlinear function you can imagine. The Collatz function is a bit more complicated, so the chances of ...

x axis represents starting number, y axis represents the highest number reached during the chain to 1

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Collatz Conjecture Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Collatz Conjecture At Popflock.com

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Quasi-geometric distribution of the inflation propensity for the first 1×10 6 natural

biography lothar collatz make clear to you

The Collatz Conjecture in Colour — Brady Haran

Bollettino dell'Unione Matematica Italiana

Evenness of reduced Collatz sequences ...

for each broken line 4k + 0: times two: x2, x2, x2 .... with the contribution of terms in the infinite series x2 is the level of contribution is clear.


Ariba's Collatz Conjecture PASM.jpg


The Collatz conjecture (3n+1 problem) | Famous Math Problems 2 | NJ Wildberger - YouTube


Performance of the different methods

2: Left: maximum value of the Collatz sequence as a function of

"Collatz Fractal" by Pokipsy76. “

... the fourteen integers from 2987 to 3000 all take 48 steps to get to 1. #math #mathchat #maths #mathschat #collatz pic.twitter.com/nuzf7dlxLl


The 3n±p Conjecture: A Generalization of Collatz Conjecture | Discrete Mathematics | Number Theory

GPU-Accelerated Verification of the Collatz Conjecture


In a recurrence relation, if you know all the numbers in the sequence up to

JRFM | Free Full-Text | Inflation Propensity of Collatz Orbits: A New Proof-of-Work for Blockchain Applications

Regular iteration

Collatz Conjecture Tom's PASM.jpg

2 pages MatLab-Homework1

Collatz Conjecture - Tianshu Zhang's Website Concerning Concrete Reasoning Mathematics

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"Structureless" distribution of the total stopping time for the first 1×10 6 · "

The problem is also referred to as the 3n + 1 problem and is associated with

Collatz Conjecture Recursive Solution - Pascal vs C++ vs Python - YouTube

Collatz Sequence Maximums

Length of reduced Collatz sequences, Selected sets from Length pattern

Collatz function

In addition, it is demonstrated that Collatz conjecture fails for supernatural numbers.

4 pages The Collatz Problem


The text descriptions that follow are for mathematicians. The videos and slide shows are for teachers.

Snímka obrazovky

ANNUAL REPORT (PDF Version) - Moravian College

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If you want to try the game yourself: Universal Paperclips

PPT – The Collatz Conjecture The 3n 1 Problem PowerPoint presentation | free to view - id: 1e65f6-ZDc1Z

The Collatz Conjecture. Illustration by Edmund Harriss, coloured in by Tiffany Arment.

How create an Iterative Macro: The Collatz Conject... - Alteryx Community

.3: Simulation of the Collatz DTSM's walk through .

Pirámide de collatz. Www.Conjeturadecollatz.com

A new Record for me on the BIONC Side. Reminds me of the BA Days.

Topology of Collatz Graph

Collatz Conjecture Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Collatz Conjecture At Popflock.com

Collatz Sieve


Functional Equations Connected With The Collatz Problem