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Dccc targets 2018

Dccc targets 2018


Omar Aslam Lugo on Twitter: "Battlefield 2018: @DCCC targets 59 Republican districts to swing left; 33 are seats HRC won or narrowly lost.… ...

DCCC targets Peter King's seat as in-play for 2018 election

Fred Upton, seen here at the Capitol on May 3, is now a DCCC target.

DCCC expands its 2018 midterm targets to NJ-4 to take down GOP's Rep. Chris Smith; Dems' priorities now blanket New Jersey

... #CA39, #CA48, #CA49) that flipped in 2018. http://www.rollcall.com/news/campaigns/nrcc-to-target-55-house-democrats-in-2020 …pic.twitter.com/srDmq8QMk8

This billboard from the 2018 campaign has re-emerged early in the 2020 campaign.

DCCC Releases 2018 Targets

House Democrats expand 2018 targets

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) officially put the district on its 2018 target ...

The Dead Enders

Biden to create PAC — a possible signal for 2020

... #TX23 #TX24 #TX31 #WA03 https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/28/politics/dccc-2020-battlefield-map-memo-texas-suburbs/index.html …pic.twitter.com/jiWlnY6LKP

Democrats target 7 congressional seats held by California Republicans for 2018 midterm elections

Omar Aslam Lugo on Twitter: "Frelinghuysen (NJ-11)—DCCC Democrat target district—is 33rd GOP Rep to wave the white flag. After May 2017 vote repealing ...

DCCC adds Stefanik to 2018 target list

Democratic candidate McMurray offered help from DCCC as Collins suspends campaign

CATargetBot on Twitter: "NEW FEC F2 Richard Travis Reyes (LIB) #WA08 (R-Reichert) '18 @DCCC target https://t.co/fVKaKaW6I3… "

CATargetBot on Twitter: "NEW FEC F2 Suzi Park Leggett (DEM) #CA39 (R-Royce) '18 @DCCC target https://t.co/FhtR7a8beC… "

Will Democrats win back the House in 2018? Here's which House races could be competitive. - Washington Post

3:20 PM - 8 Nov 2018

7:50 AM - 21 May 2018

Democratic presidential hopeful U.S. Sen. Joe Biden, D-Delaware, speaks during the

5:50 PM - 2 Apr 2018

Please join our efforts in Bringing Neighbors Together by investing $5, $10, or $20.18

CATargetBot on Twitter: "NEW FEC F2 Todd Maternowski (DEM) #TX32 (R-Sessions) '18 @DCCC target https://t.co/tzgLsThBBd… "

CATargetBot on Twitter: "NEW FEC F2 Steven Machat (DEM) #FL26 (R-Curbelo) '18 @DCCC target https://t.co/y9I44NIADi… "

DCCC Internal Polling Presented to Members of Congress Panned Single-Payer Health Care

DCCCVerified account

7:40 AM - 5 Apr 2017

House Democrats identify vulnerable incumbents for 2018 cycle

The House seats Democrats want to flip in 2020 show the growing chasm between the two major parties

DCCC chairman Rep. Ben Ray Lujan leads House and Senate Democrats. Photo: Tom Williams / CQ Roll Call

The DCCC Just Endorsed a Democrat in a Texas Runoff. Her Opponent is Thrilled.

Wexton Campaign Added to DCCC Top Targets

2018 midterms: the DCCC's controversial meddling in primaries, explained - Vox


DCCC Injects Itself Into a Third Texas Democratic Primary, This Time Going Up Against EMILY's List

'I question their competency': Devin Nunes challenger rips DCCC


Democrats make Texas central to 2018 midterms strategy

Democrats list Collins among their targets in 2018 election – The Buffalo News

DCCC Goes Nuclear, Slams Democratic Candidate as Corrupt for Same Behavior It Engages in Regularly

NRCC, DCCC Ready to Battle in Eight Districts Across Florida in 2018

Will This Midterm Be Different From All Other Midterms?

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi with DCCC Chair Ben Ray Luján. Picture: AP

Laura Moser, a candidate in a Democratic congressional primary in Texas. (Michael Stravato for The Washington Post)

Another billboard from the 2018 campaign, this one has yet to re-emerge.

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 08: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA

DCCC targets Bacon with ads

Director of independent expenditure, DCCC


DCCC targets Buchanan with Fla. ads

Every May 8 primary election you should know about, briefly explained

California's 39th District was listed as one of the DCCC's initial targets in 2018.

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Democrats add Tom McClintock's District 4 seat to list of 2018 targets

Washington Post: House Democrats' campaign arm targets Paul Ryan in new ads ...

@DCCC has now added #CA04 on its list of targets for 2018. #JessWeCan bring real representation back to Congress.

NRCC, DCCC Place Their Early Bets in Florida for 2018

Breaking Down the DNC & DCCC Cyber Attack

Jeff Beals and the Battle of New York in the 2018 Midterm Elections

While ...

Drew Anthony Smith/Getty Images

Every May 22 primary election you should know about, briefly explained

National Democratic Chairman Tom Perez questions DCCC actions in CD 7 race

Good Candidates Don't Accept DCCC Endorsements In Primaries

—Lucy Flores ...

Colorado Democrat Jason Crow picks up endorsement from Giffords, DCCC support in congressional race

New Analysis Finds More Republicans at Risk in Midterms; Dems Expand Target List to 101

Group Asks DCCC: Why Haven't You Endorsed Any Black Candidates In The Midterms Target Program?

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee map with bullseyes

Grassroots Groups Petition DCCC To 'Stop Attacking Progressives'

Election 2018

How Badly Has The Corrupt Stench Of The DCCC Spread Across America? Now It's Infected California

Dan Sena

An e-mail from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on behalf of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee with the subject line, "NOT asking you for ...

NRCC announces its top 55 targets for 2020. Top of its list is DCCC chairwoman

How it feels to be rolodexed.docx


Is The DCCC Capable Of Capitalizing On Americans' Disapproval Of Trump And The GOP?

DCCC announces heads of recruitment, Frontline programs for 2020

Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr Slogans via DCCC.org (CC-BY-SA)

After massive rejection of Trumpism, Democrats expand offensive to take back House - The Washington Post

Democrats Target Union Workers Who Regret Trump Vote

National Democrats Make Frelinghuysen a Top Target in 2018 Midterm | Observer

DCCC Operative Says Attack on Texas Primary Candidate Won't Be the Last Around the Country

Aftab Pureval named to DCCC's Red to Blue List in Ohio race

Laura Moser is one of seven Democratic candidates in the running for Texas' 7th Congressional

Crow outraises Coffman in final quarter of 2017, but Coffman keeps large overall cash lead

After massive rejection of Trumpism, Democrats expand offensive to take back House - The Washington Post