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Delete confirmation message ux

Delete confirmation message ux


Designing Confirmation

This provides a single and obvious confirmation action the user can take without the disrupting concern for accessibility, cultural bias and decision ...

First option

Confirmation dialog presented in a modal, tool-tip, and inline design component. Download Sketch File

If you have variety of confirmation messages in you interface that might create the formation habit, design the deletion window differently.

Dribbble - Error message by Lukas Schweizer App Ui, Ui Ux, Ui Elements,

A little delete confirmation screen, work in progress App Ui Design, Web Design Inspiration

Confirm Delete

Don't Include Multiple Steps in Dialog

Confirmation Dialog

Dribbble - Flash: alert & error by ludwiczakpawel Wireframe, Confirmation, Ui Design,

Source: Barclays

enter image description here. copywriting confirmation messagebox cancel

In 2014, I wrote an article on building a better button. It was in response to the “Flat Design” trend. Buttons were looking less like buttons, ...

Login error message on Teads login page Login Page, Ux Design, Messages, Success

10 guidelines to consider when using overlays / modals


Image credit: Material Design

UX In Contact Forms: Essentials To Turn Leads Into Conversions — Smashing Magazine

evernote error message

New email confirmation screen

A clear, visible workflow that enables users to understand where they are in a process will encourage them to stick with a task.

'Save' is a positive primary action button

Included is 4 alternate notifications: Green- Success Notification. Chuong Huynh · ui confirmation message

Modal A. enter image description here

updated confirmation modal

day #011 - Flash message A simple and quick flash message for the next…

Action success modal by Jawad Š

Even Microsoft's infamous “blue screen of death” ...

Apple's human interface guidelines on alert boxes

Photo credit: Billy Hunt


Sign In Form Design, App Design, Ui Forms, Ui Inspiration, User Interface

Importance of Providing Users a Great User Offboarding Experience

This box appears when the user clicks the "log in" button

Anatomy of a form


Hi guys, Toasts exploration for one of my current projects. Variations: - Success

Maps. Chuong Huynh · ui confirmation message

example of visually grouped forms

Thinking Mobile

After the button is clicked, it is very clear the product was added. Users

enter image description here

... 6.

Error-Messages-UX-Guidelines - V1.0-5.jpg

During testing, subjects generally noted the checkmarks next to the fields on the few sites that used positive inline validation.

Placeholder label 'First name' rises to the top of the field on input focus

A pack of 10 Adroit Notification Message. - Perfect organized PSDs. - Each and

43. Kinpoint Missing Child Alert ...

Placeholder text instead of labels.

AA UX Ink Editor Customize Ink Overlay

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A screenshot of Gmail email client and its "confirm bulk action" button

Period added

Confirmation message



Amazon email confirmation

Red Alert! Communicating Status Through Great UX, Graphics, and Accessibility

A UX guide for creating awesome apps

Unfortunately, our habits sometimes make us do the wrong thing: we don't even have time to realize our mistake until after we've made it.

enter image description here ...

enter image description here ...

Proactive Dialogs - Github - Walter Colindres ...

Macy's cart page hits many best practices.

Let the users know about an error before they click on the submit button. This will create an awareness in the users that they should enter something else ...

Daily UI Challenge #016 User control and freedom is an important UX heuristic! Here's

Just an innocent Post-it note? More like a red flag.

John Lewis overlay screenshot

Image credit

Making errors is an integral part of the way we humans live. We trip over when we are learning to walk and we press the wrong buttons when we use new UI.

... 72. MessageList «Menu» Message ...

A screenshot of three different apps showing how they use Floating Action Buttons

#1 · RevisionsUI.jpg ...

Should delete buttons be red or green?

Dividing forms into semantic groups.

Dropbox's new branding won't overcome their frightening notification message issues.

Gmail Deletion Confirmation email

1 ...

53. Red Alert!

When user is logged in, the "log out" button ...


Get yourself some GDPR glasses and look at everything you do for a few seconds through those glasses.

(To be fair, that dialog has bigger problems. The reason it's unclear is not just that it's a wall of text, but also that the question doesn't have a Yes/No ...

Placing fields in a line.

Placing labels above the fields.

Minimize The Total Number Of Fields

Another example of this is in the Eat24 app, in which a user has already placed an order to be delivered to their home or apartment.

How many people like filling out forms? I think, not many. It's not what users want from the service — they just want to buy tickets, chat with friends and ...

When no one truly owns the words that make the product, users have to read the message like this.

Make it fun! Slingshot iOS app SnapChat iOS app ...