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Errtel of anger

Errtel of anger


Errtel Equipment Slot  Slot of Anger = Equipped with Errtel of Anger  Slot of Blessing = Equipped with Errtel of Blessing

[Errtel of Anger]

Mu online Como Crear un Errtel

Pentagram Slot

Colocando Errtel de Anger

To create an Errtel You need the following:

[Mu Online] Anger Errtel does actually add damage on Rage Fighter!

Errtel Darkness Anger 3 Rank +10 ...

Hello GM's, i was upgrading my pentagram to +15 and after i upgrade, the errtels has been bug. what to do on this?

Upgrade Errtel of Anger By.MUZEED

Errtel of anger Can't back into the backpack!


Errtel Darkness Anger 3 Rank +10 http://i810.photobucket.com/albums/z...ps62e2eaf3.jpg : Errtel Darkness Divinity 3 Rank +10

I switch to other characters and bugged scroll has full errtel fire element of antonias's sword.


Colocando Errtel de Anger

Today trying to explain to the Admin Trace that the errtel bug, I was afraid to put in the errtel in a new pentagram of 5 socket it happened this:

Presiona la tecla "ALT+Click derecho" sobre el pentagrama y podrás entrar a sus propiedades.

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http://i68.tinypic.com/33p6lhy.jpg. «


(A) Combinación para la Creación del Errtel

Image may contain: indoor

Pentagram con 4 Sockets

Errtel Application Tutorial

[Mu Online] Trying to make an Errtel+7 Part 3 - YouTube

Element Critical Damage Chance 10% (Errtel of Anger Rank 2 Level 3 or higher required).To personalize your experience - your information helps us to better ...

-Ancient Pentagrams - To activate the pentagram's ancient additional options, the pentagram must be enchanted with the required errtel.

If I remember correctly these was the Errtels in it, hope you can fix the Errtel bug so other players wont experience this problem.

Scam 3R777.

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Elemental Attack Dmg (in Raids)

LancerLord use hack and errtel max In Protector - Vanaheim

Esto es lo que me aparece como error en el Slot de Anger

Hacer click derecho sobre el Errtel Principal que deseamos subir de Rank, aceptamos el siguiente cuadro.

Con Opción Elemental Critical Damage Chance +10%


Nâng Cấp Errtel Cho Pentagram - Clip Show How to Upgrade Errtel for Pentagram - video dailymotion

Errtel of Anger - Errtel of Blessing - Errtel of Integraty - Errtel of Divinity ซึ่งรายละเอียดแต่ละแบบเราจะลงให้ทราบด้านล่างอีกครั้งครับ

Proceso de Subir Errtel ha Finalizado

[ IMG]

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NOTA: Si la combinación falla el Ítem desaparece

Upgrade Errtel of Anger By.MUZEED

items mu online midgard y asgard

Tipo de Errtel

Seleccionar el Errtel que vamos a descomponer.

Secondly, once an errtel reaches at least +7, you can attempt to upgrade its rank. By upgrading the rank successfully, an additional option will be added to ...

Elemental Critical Rate (in Raids)

(2) Errtel

หากเราเพิ่มระดับเลเวลของ Errtel ได้สำเร็จ ค่าตรง Elemental Dmg จาก+30 ก็จะเพิ่มเป็น +33 และเราสามารถ + ระดับเจ้า Errtel ถึง 10 ระดับ ค่าต่างๆของ Errtel ...

[Element DMG] Table

Konto ARF 783 LVL MuOnline Helheim Bless Mu Online (7318299994)

Yet Another Innocent Ventures into DPAC Territory


DRAGuDOWN vs xSkyLaKe (effect of RADIANCE errtel)

-Con el Comando Reparar Puedes refinar un Errtel para conseguir los siguientes artículos.

[Imagem: 15151s.JPG]

And Bugged KunDun's Seal Scroll (Darkness Element):

Here we dedicate a photo for all the members of RageZone who visit this thread.

Errtel de Blessing colocado


Errtels - Errtels are special artifacts that can be combined with pentagrams to add additional options! There are four different types of errtel: Anger, ...

Opciones de los rank de Errtel


[Mu Online]Trying to Make Errtel Integrity+7

Errtel Radiance "PUNISH" - Muonline Webzen

[Mu Online]4th level wings combination!! Succed or fail? XD

On this page, you'll find all the file extensions associated with the game files category as well as their file types' descriptions.

Put the Errtel on the pentagram * The Elements of Errtel and Pentagram must be the same to put it

Các phiên bản Pentagram mới và được nâng cấp – MU Huyền Thoại VN Season 13 Part 2

Update! New lorencia design interface + battlezone (extended pvp ring) New launcher design. New character transfer system.

[Imagem: wrbSbIN.jpg] ...


และเมื่อนำมาสวมใส่ เราก็จะได้ค่าเพิ่มขึ้นตามระดับ+ของ Errtel นั้นๆ และมันยังมีขั้นตอนการอับเกรด Rank ได้อีกด้วย ตามไปดูขั้นตอนต่อไป


Inviting U 4 WAR

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Meele Elemental Attack Dmg (in PvP)

Sucesivamente continuaremos subiendo el Errtel hasta la opción +10, recordemos que en el Servidor VIP tenemos un Tax Rate de 100% lo cuál significa que no ...

Errtel Application Tutorial

Errtel mu

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Fast auto combo mu

[Mu Online]Opening 32 Luxury boxes from Bomb Event!

You are NOT allowed to register fake guilds to occupy participating slots at. and MU guides links. players or staff members based on your anger,.

Con Opción Defense to Elemental Defense +5%