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Eslint react app preset

Eslint react app preset


Dan Abramov on Twitter: "What ESLint rules would you add? If for style I imagine a different solution that making it part of lint https://t.co/uCYbKpc0AG… "

react eslint

Create React Native App + React Native Debugger

当然webpack升级准备,调整create-react-app 的目录结构已符合我们项目开发的规范是必不可少的。这里重点需关注的为build目录下的一下文件:

React Guru on Twitter: "Create React App: A quick setup guide https://t.co/zxAD3KT7gC… "

Learning React Application Development with Redux and Node.JS : Installing npm | packtpub.com

Advanced React js 46


ready-made tools, templates or boilerplates for React but wish to learn and understand how to build a React application ...

How to globally set up eslint in vscode

If, for some reason, app won't be working, heroku provides an ability of looking at application logs using command:

Contributed by @ayrtonbe! https://github.com/facebookincubator/create-react- app/blob/master/packages/react-scripts/template/README.md#adding-development- ...

Scaffold React Application

webpack bundle analyzer report

Creating React Native app boilerplate with Flow, Jest, Enzyme, Prettier and ESLint

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Did you know you don't need to hunt around for React warning locations with babel-transform-react-jsx-source? Before and after.pic.twitter.com/Q68KIot7hD

We need your help on issues and PRs that aren't quite ready yet! https://github.com/facebookincubator/create-react-app/issues/3815 …pic.twitter.com/ ...

Curso: React Profesional #1

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In the end of build process Heroku should report you the resulting url of your app:

Today on my #100daysofcode I finished the #eslint fixes and the loading indicators.

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npm install

Create React App – Get React Projects Ready Fast

Real-world ReactNative apps made easy with React Native Elements, Jest, and MobX MST

Kent C. Dodds on Twitter: "Note: the ESLint config at the bottom (of every file mind you) is necessary because otherwise the CRA config will fail the CI ...

... Driven Development and a preconfigured build configuration are recommended. I won't go into much detail on either of these. I recommend create-react-app ...

5- Configuracion de webpack + Intro JSX

At this point, many of you have already experienced those awful issues with the latest version of Xcode 10 and React Native 0.56.x and this is because Xcode ...

What Can React Do?

The fact that webpack is complicated is more about the complexity of the problem than any failings of webpack itself; a well constructed build process is a ...



Technology stack

My updated custom React workflow (2nd edition) is here

React + Webpack 4 + Babel 7 Setup Tutorial

Popular component

class Users extends React.Component { render() { const { list } = this.props; return (

    {list.map(name => (
  • {name}
  • ))}

When and why it is important to refactor code

Material Kit React

Screenshots from Sources


#repost @lampewebdev • • • This is my minimal setup for nearly every JavaScript

Material Design React Vue Angular Js Admin Web App with HTML Admin and Multipurpose Template by analoglife

I was thinking a lot and, actually, learned a lot about building isomorphic apps in React+Redux. I've tried many approaches and want to share ...

In the beginning of 2016 it was time for me to deep dive into the ReactJs world. I read tons of articles about React and its environment, especially Redux, ...

This year, the React Native team has focused on a large scale re-architecture of React Native. As Sophie mentioned in her State of React Native post, ...

Add ESLint & Prettier to VS Code for a Create React App


The file structure of a react-redux app... SOOO many ways is making me so confused!!! : reactjs

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Step by step React configuration from setup to deployment - DEV Community 👩 💻👨 💻

In my research I found that most people seem to be using a combination of ESLint, Airbnb, and Prettier to achieve this. Here's what each does.

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PropTypes error msg

在项目开发的过程中host配置以及proxy代理是常见的配置,在create-react-app 中配置在package.json配置下,灵活性相对不太好,提取webpack中server.js配置:

Speech To Text App SPA

v3.2.1 Changlog

👩🏾 💻⛰Today, I'm ensuring that my builds are skinny

Max Stoiber @mxstbr

If you've done everything correctly, DevTools will be available after reloading the services:

Reduce, Reuse, React

Hardening the React Build: Part 2

Before After

Error page in Android phone.

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eth-hot-wallet erc20 token chooser preview


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