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Experimental brain research impact factor 2018

Experimental brain research impact factor 2018


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Media use and brain development during adolescence | Nature Communications

Decomposing Gratitude: Representation and Integration of Cognitive Antecedents of Gratitude in the Brain | Journal of Neuroscience

Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury Identifies Distinct Early and Late Phase Axonal Conduction Deficits of White Matter Pathophysiology, ...

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BACE1 is the rate-limiting enzyme in amyloid-β production. Zhu et al. report that selective inhibition of matrix metallopeptidase 13 decreases BACE1 levels ...

Effects of Mild Blast Traumatic Brain Injury on Cognitive- and Addiction-Related Behaviors | Scientific Reports

Animal Models and Experimental Medicine (AMEM) is an open access journal dedicated to distributing research & current information in the field of laboratory ...

Three-dimensional (3D) tetra-culture brain on chip platform for organophosphate toxicity screening | Scientific Reports

Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study

Brain and Behavior is a peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journal, providing rapid publication of high-quality research across neurology, neuroscience, ...

Brain Sci. 2018. Published: 19 December 2018

Brain Sci. 2018. Published: 16 December 2018

Brain Sci. 2018. Published: 4 December 2018

Brain Sci., Volume 8, Issue 7 (July 2018)

Polygenic hazard score, amyloid deposition and Alzheimer's neurodegeneration


Lactate potentiates angiogenesis and neurogenesis in experimental intracerebral hemorrhage | Experimental & Molecular Medicine


Direct effects of transcranial electric stimulation on brain circuits in rats and humans | Nature Communications

Distinct Brain Areas involved in Anger versus Punishment during Social Interactions | Scientific Reports

Improving Our Understanding of Substance Use Disorders

Cover image Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hepatology

248 cases with GRIN2A-related disorders: genotype and functional consequence predict phenotype

Brain vital signs detect concussion-related neurophysiological impairments in ice-hockey

A Brain Implant Improved Memory, Scientists ReportA Brain Implant Improved Memory, Scientists Report

Graphic illustrating the comparison between the subcritical brain, supercritical brain, critical brain, and

Experimental mechanics play a crucial role in all stages of a material's or structure's ...

Brain Sci. 2018. Published: 13 December 2018

Neuroscience of free will

In the first months after her surgery, shopping for groceries was infuriating. Standing in the supermarket aisle, Vicki would look at an item on the shelf ...

International Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research in Biological Psychiatry, Pharmacopsychiatry, Biological Psychology/Pharmacopsychology and ...

Blood vessels in the brain by Lance Johnson. 2018 Publications

Organ-specific responses during brain death: increased aerobic metabolism in the liver and anaerobic metabolism with decreased perfusion in the kidneys ...

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New Technique Lets Researchers Watch Human Brain Circuits Begin to Wire-Up

26/2018 Cover


Feature Review| Volume 4, ISSUE 3, P176-196, March 01, 2018

Researchers Discover 'Anxiety Cells' In The Brain

Beneficial effects of low alcohol exposure, but adverse effects of high alcohol intake on glymphatic function | Scientific Reports

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Brain scans that show changes in the brain after 1 and 4 months of cocaine use

Electron Acceptive Mass Tag for Mass Spectrometric Imaging-Guided Synergistic Targeting to Mice Brain Glutamate

This illustration of the brain ...

Percentage and impact of different access types of a random sample of WoS articles and reviews

Increase the Size of Your Brain & Improve Mental Health

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... and molecular biology and molecular therapeutics, Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine publishes basic research that furthers our understanding of ...

Health and Medicine Division

Brain Sci. 2018. Published: 13 December 2018

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Brain Sci. 2018. Published: 19 December 2018

New Study Shows Brain Change After Psychological Trauma | Psychology Today

Enhancing Resilience in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Rapid Review of the Evidence and Implications for Public Health Practitioners

Published: 18 December 2018. »

Brain Sci. 2018. Published: 28 November 2018

Average relative citations of different access types of a random sample of WoS articles and reviews

(top) Global effects of experimental subject condition, and phase-encoding direction. A per-voxel ANOVA breaks the variance of the set of brain maps into ...

Atrial Fibrillation and Risk of Dementia: Epidemiology, Mechanisms, and Effect of Anticoagulation

Brain Mind Institute Synaptome


... quality of methodology, and synthesis of findings with existing literature. Additionally, summaries of specially selected Cochrane Systematic Reviews ...

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Editor sacked over rejection rate: “not inline with Frontiers core principles”


FEBS Open Bio is an online-only journal for the rapid publication of research in molecular and cellular life sciences in both health and disease.

Embracing clinical and experimental research in diabetes and related areas, the Journal of Diabetes ...


What does running do to your brain?

Fu Y, Dong J, Wang J, You M, Wei L, Fu H, Wang Y, Chen J

Most of your dopamine is generated deep in the midbrain, and it is released in many different areas across the brain.


Drug Resistance in HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Brain Metastases: Blame the Barrier or the Brain? | Clinical Cancer Research

Illustration of beta-amyloid accumulation Brain ...

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