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Fake fanta twitter

Fake fanta twitter


Fun Fearless Fake Fanta

Fun Fearless Fake Fanta

Fun Fearless Fake Fanta

Fun Fearless Fake Fanta

Fun Fearless Fake Fanta

Fun Fearless Fake Fanta

Fake Fantas

Fun Fearless Fake Fanta

Someone Made A Bot That Generates Fake Fanta Flavors — And The Results Are Delicious

Fun Fearless Fake Fanta

Fun Fearless Fake Fanta on Twitter: "Relax with a fresh Baby Bottle Fanta… "

Fun Fearless Fake Fanta

Fun Fearless Fake Fanta on Twitter: "🕐 Time for a Greasy Briefcase Fanta!… "

Fun Fearless Fake Fanta

Fun Fearless Fake Fanta

Beat the heat with Lesbian Bouquet Fanta!

Try Goat Fanta today!


This Twitter Account Keeps Making Hilarious Fake Fanta Flavors.

Product Information

Fanta has made a big change and not everyone is pleased

Fun fearless fake fanta on twitter jpg 1200x682 Fanta gay

出生于西班牙的开发人员Laura Gonzalez提出了这个想法,并解释了她如何获得这个古怪项目的灵感。“我搬到英国后,发现这里的橙子味芬达与西班牙的芬达相比非常糟糕,”她 ...

Credit: Coca-Cola


... 推特API的Internet bot(网络机器人)——一个可以自动执行任务脚本并将生成结果(图片/文字等)同步到推特账号的应用程序(感兴趣的同学可以搜索下Twitter Bot)。

Hidden Storage Secret Box / Stash Fake Can (Fanta): Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools

Coca-Cola says sugar cuts have not harmed sales

It all started when Fanta seemed to confirm the news on Twitter, replying to a fan that Fanta Lemon had indeed been discontinued, but they missed out a key ...

Coca-Cola's products Sprite and Fanta may be 'poisonous', rules Nigeria Court

Fake Fantas


Don't Worry – Fanta Lemon Has NOT Been Discontinued


Fanta Rock Shandy is a thing that exists now, and Irish people are having none of it


Update: Although http://www.bp.com indicates @Oil_Spill_2010 as its official twitter account, Shannon Paul (@ShannonPaul on Twitter) was kind enough to ...


How to Make Orange Soda (Fanta)

Fun fearless fake fanta on twitter jpg 1200x682 Fanta gay

The old Fanta had much more sugar

Fanta Orange Blue

Retro bottles released by Coca-Cola for Fanta's 75th anniversary.


😢😢😢R.I.P Fanta Grape. Coca Cola SA has discontinued the production of Fanta Grape with immediate effect😭

其發布的芬達口味之多可謂是前所未有,而更令人驚訝的是這全是由Twitter 機器人發明的,例如苦味香蕉芬達、英國寵物狗芬達、白櫻桃味芬達等口味。

Relax with a fresh Spider Fanta

Confusion over whether Fanta Grape is being discontinued in SA

Picture: Twitter/ Screengrab/ iStock

they did surgery on a grape


fake fb wall

Salty Watermelon Pepsi was a limited edition flavor sold in Japan. Unfortunately, the beverage

Merry yeetmas • • • • • • • #yeetmas #christmas #merry #

Red Bull New Top Secret Diversion Stash Portable Personal Security Safe Can Secret Compartment

Something appears to be floating inside a sealed bottle of what appears to be a coke

为了发布推文,Gonzalez创建了一个shell脚本,定期访问该页面,截图(使用Puppeteer),然后将文本和照片发送到Twitter API。

More soft drinks will see sugar reductions


Fanta-Falle auf WhatsApp: Dieser Kettenbrief ist ein .

Hoax & Facts

Screenshot twitter.com (Original wurde inzwischen gelöscht)

The Funniest Reactions to Kylie Jenner Watching Travis Scott's VMAs Performance

Caution: UK non-diet soft drinks laced with artificial sweeteners!

A Twitter Genius Secretly Tweeted All Of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' One Word At A Time, And Nobody Noticed - Digg


The evidence in pictures

Consumption of sugar by age group ...

Not so Fanta-stic. Meg Capelli, CC BY-NC

ShankhNaad – An Alt News Exposé of the Communal Rabble Rouser and Leading Peddler of Fake News

Widespread access to Photoshop and a guaranteed boost to social media standings means that fake image and viral videos can circulate around the internet so ...

How To Make Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite Candles DIY

For a limited time, Burger King has a Scary Black Cherry-flavored Frozen Fanta

Fire in the booth

10 ellenimpressions

Tanzania's Nandy and Nigeria's Mr. Eazi present their new fresh track on #CokeStudioAfrica pic

Pepper Annoying having a sperg over his “stalker”

Department of Health concerned about sale of 'fake foods' in SA


On YouTube, A Network Of Pedophiles Is Hiding In Plain Sight


Manufacturer's Response

Aparentemente, não poderemos, durante as eleições, culpar os robôs pela linha-de-frente da disseminação de fake news ou das notícias mais calorosas ...

sahte takipçileri tespit etme

... CwC Fanta Design Copper Bottle with 1 Glass Tumbler, Drinkware & Tableware, Yoga, 2

Outback Steakhouse Satanic Cult

A Brief History of the Slurpee, a Frozen American Icon

N-Ethyl-Pentylone appears identical to MDMA, but is three times as strong

Illustrative image of an artificial sweetener (humonia; iStock by Getty Images)

You've heard of elf on a shelf, now get ready for

Cory Bernardi mistakenly 'quotes' Voltaire on Twitter with neo-Nazi's line

Big Retailers like ITC, Nestle & Coca-Cola cry foul over Amazon's 'ambush'