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German precast companies

German precast companies


Heberger Bau AG

Elbe Delcon GmbH, one of the leading German suppliers of prestressed-concrete slabs,

Keegan Precast adds to portfolio with a new circulation system


The formwork used at Lasbet for the stairway elements were delivered by the German manufacturer Peri

Complete solutions for your precast factory – from a single source

Precast concrete company ABI implements a sophisticated retrofit project and increases the productivity of its plant

Cast-In-Situ Formwork

An Arabian German Company operative uses a J200 block clamp to handle bricks.

... Construction site with precast in Thailand ...

In Groß Ammensleben, Rekers produces L-shaped retaining wall elements at thicknesses ranging from

Vollert is an internationally acknowledged expert in precast concrete production and leading partner for concrete factories, building companies and building ...

American Precast Company invests towards the future

3 The new Pemat mixer at construction company Schick

The first of these systems was successfully installed and commissioned last year at Kann Bau-

Investing in new precast concrete production?

In 2004, ITD also purchased two Weckenmann battery moulds producing two cycles of precast elements

sleeper tilting device after the demoulding process

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A look at the production of prefabricated garages

Precast concrete plant in Kazakhstan has produced high quality precast concrete elements for the last twelve months

The new plant equipment was supplied by the German companies VHV, Kniele and Kübat

Elsäßer Germany

New ways of using precast concrete in construction sites worldwide: The chance for construction companies

Real Estate German Precast Technology – Infographic

At Milan Expo 2015, precast concrete greets visitors at the entrance and enchants them on the exterior of the Palazzo Italia. (Photo © Styl-Comp-Camillo ...

American Precast Company invests towards the future

The smooth concrete shear walls come with conduits;Reduces the process by 30%

Around 180 precast elements were manufactured by Otto Quast in the Freudenberg precast plant near Siegen

With this investment Voronezhsky DSK can now look forward to the increasing demand for precast concrete

Precast Plant at Sainikpuri

Around one hundred guests had gathered to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of the plant

Precast July 2014

Through the use of Master X-Seed, German precast manufacturer FDU Betonwerke was able

Weiler GMBH, a German construction outfit and BTG Group, one of Nigeria's real estate development companies, have concluded arrangement to use precast ...

Modern construction with precast concrete elements

Precast Security Fence Wall

How One Concrete Manufacturer Helps Architects Reduce Project Costs With An In-House Design Team

... Precast concrete double wall in a pallet carousel system ...


Singapore relies on precast concrete elements

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The Role of Quantity Surveying in a Large Precast Company

Dübener Landstraße 58

Fabrik Modern Land

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The precast concrete panels on the headquarters of Textilmacher appear to change depending on the sun's location in the sky. (Photo courtesy of Tillich ...

German consortium constructs worlds largest precast

Complete solutions for your precast factory – from a single source

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Automated pallet circulation systems for precast concrete production


Source: BFT INTERNATIONAL issue 7/2014. «

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He said further that Vollert has already supplied the first pallet circulation plant in India to Precast India in Pune.

There are now 200 German firms with operations in the Charlotte region.

Precast Concrete Market by Element (Columns & Beams, Floors & Roofs, Girders,

Elsäßer Reinforcement Germany

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Holcim takes over precast concrete plant

Bahnhof am Gipfel des Puy du Dôme, Frankreich (German)

Modernland invested in a modern carousel system from the German cutting-edge technology producer EBAWE, a company belonging to the leading precast machinery ...

The newly integrated formwork pallets shall contribute to maintaining the company's high standards and product quality of the precast concrete elements.

german precast technology

View of the hillside company premises of 'Fachadas Prefabricadas'.

... Precast apartment buildings in Thailand ...

... Assembly of precast elements with a crane ...

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Around the World with Precast Concrete

German precast industry continues to grow

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Seventy-nine ...

Precast Concrete Factory


The precast concrete wall panels that make up the envelope of a new climbing gym in Victoria, B.C., Canada, rise 50 feet high. (Photo courtesy of Levelton ...

DASWELL HZS series ready-mixed concrete batching plant is a full set of high efficient forced type concrete mixing equipments to produce precast concrete.

Economical production of precast concrete elements

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Your full service provider for the Precast Industry - 1 / 4 Pages

The Mobile Batter Mould MBM integrated into the construction sites. (Image source: Weckermann)

CGI of the factory expansion


Precast Concrete Factory

Engineering Excellence

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Behind The Scenes Of A Precast Concrete Plant | Oldcastle Precast - YouTube

Housing complex with precast concrete buildings ...