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Github shiny examples

Github shiny examples


R code chunk options Vincent Claes; 15.

shinyLP Example app

You may see it in action on my shinyapps repository. You can download the files on my github repository.

Project Tab


The app also runs with display.mode="showcase" in the browser to facilitate re-using the template.

A Survey Tool Designed Entirely in Shiny Surveying Users of R

R/Shiny - basic claims dashboard

8:53 AM - 16 Jun 2016



UI Overview: Rate of Return Section

datatables net


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Example ...

Project Board Interface

The ultimate purpose of this tool is thus to settle every question of the form: "If I had M amount of money to invest over time period T, what would have ...

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... you have a Shiny Apps account, you can log in then select Publish. After publishing the app, it's quite easy to embed it in a website like the example ...



Installing from Github


how to run R shiny app examples that comes with the shiny package

A Closer Look at the Shiny Interactivity 54 Change Variable INPUT OUTPUT; 35.

I found top 100 functions. It is actually interesting, how did that change over last 2 years.

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Example for a locally set up Shiny Server, here at the IRAMAT-CRP2A in

add to Github


Integrating JavaScript libraries with R helps create interactive visualizations. This blog post uses Leaflet, which is the leading open-source JavaScript ...


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Shiny Dashboard

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Add cool build stats badges to your GitHub project

Why NASA Thinks GitHub Can Help Us Settle in Space


Jupyter Notebooks can be easily shared using email, Dropbox, GitHub and the Jupyter Notebook Viewer. You can see how the notebook for the example presented ...

Screenshot of a GitHub repository page

To send the app to another person, give them your Github username and the name of the app repo and ask them to run runGithub() in R, like this:

enter image description here ...


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Store the content in a .md file, and insert it with shiny::includeMarkdown() For example: https://github .com/ThinkR-open/prenomsapp/blob/master/R/mod_about.

We've opensourced our dashboard, so you can view the entire source code on GitHub. It is built with Laravel 5.4 and Vue.

Top 10 Machine Learning Projects on Github

Alternatively, it's possible to run the app by setting the working directory to the directory that contains the app folder and then run library(shiny) and ...

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If you'd like to include an image for the GitHub Oauth Application, ...

proxied auth example

For the time being there is no option for saving plots, apart from saving the image from the screen. However, I would like to implement an option to have ...

Top 10 Most Popular Open Source Delphi Projects On GitHub By Star Rating

Launching the app

... 🌟 Introducing Dash 🌟


Screenshot of Binder homepage

Shiny application for calculating the cosmic dose rate using the R function Luminescence::calc

openforis: Accuracy Assessment R shiny apps by FAO Assessment, Apps, App, Business

Can you help improve this? Rather than writing all these separate functions filter1_by , filter2_by , etc, ideally we would only need a single filter ...

R Conference Costs v2.0

Create New Project form

Best R packages for data import, data wrangling & data visualization | Computerworld

I know some HTML, CSS, JavaScript and how to use GitHub. I am still new to web development and don't want to learn why and how stuff works right now.

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Step 2 - Now, we need to link our GitHub account with Web App we created in above step.

My Tidyverse Developers Day and RStudio::Conf Reflections!ryo-n7.github.io ( ryo-n7.github.io )

The relevance, applicability, and a real example of BioInstaller.

Advanced Shiny

I hope you like the idea of shiny.users and shiny.admin packages. Let us know what would you expect from user accounts and admin panel features.


Now Atom – the cross-platform, open source offering from GitHub – is the latest text editor to win over the developer community.

Authorizing will close pop window, and below success message would be displayed in Azure Portal.

Building a Blog with Blogdown and GitHub

Dygraphs with R Shiny

Need any more reason to love R-Shiny? Here: you can even use Shiny to create simple games!


Building Shiny Apps: Web Development for R users by [Maldonado, Pablo]