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Glass making history

Glass making history


A Brief History Of Glassmaking


On this day in 1959 US Patent 2,911,759 was issued for the manufacture of float glass.

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Glassblowing production methods in England in 1858

Early Egyptian Glass Making

File:Diderot Encyclopedia Making Crown Glass 5.JPG

WheatonArts celebrates New Jersey's Rich Glassmaking History with NJ350: Through the Lens of Glass | Culture Vultures Arts Weekly

Forest glasshouse of 18th Century French History, Glass House, 16th Century, Trade Secret

Large-scale glass production with wood-fired furnace, shown in plate II,“Sheet Glass-Making,” in Encyclopédie.

cylinder glass manufacturing process handmade - Google Search

Glass making and blowing at James A Jobling Wear Flint Glassworks, Sunderland on 5 December

Engraving of glass blowing, 1840's

Glass blowing C15th

Broad sheet glass

Revisited Myth #18: Panes of window glass in old buildings are visibly thicker at the bottom, proving that glass is a viscous liquid that has “flowed” over ...

File:Wallaceburg Museum Glass Blowing Tools 054.jpg

Black Country glass making goes back four centuries

Blue Glass Texture History

A glassworks in England in 1858. During the Industrial Revolution, techniques for mass-produced glassware were improved. Glassblowing production ...

In 1785, mention is made of a Mr. John Hill, “a great glass manufacturer of Stourbridge” who had gone to Waterford, and taken with him the best set of ...

Making of plate glass, shown in plate XXXXVI, “Machine for the Polishing of Plate Glass in San Ildefonso,” in Encyclopédie.

Owens, Michael J. in front of a Automatic Glass-bottle Making Machine.

Workers making glass at the Aston Flint Glass Works in 1818.

The History of Glassmaking in Murano

History of Murano, History of Murano Glass, History of Ex Chiesa di Santa Chaira

Glass-making engraving

19th century glassmaking

Plate II: Bottle Glass Making.

A great breakthrough in glassmaking history was the invention of the blowpipe in the 1st century BC which is mostly attributed to the Phoenicians.

Figure 13: The making of broad glass, from an engraving of a German glassworks

An ancient glass furnace


The history of glass making in Venice

Glass-Making History Museum, Kamenický Šenov

19th century glassmaking

19th Century Glassmaking

Lenox Glass Works c.1860

Great gold and amber glass chandelier restored in Murano after it had been damaged in Emilia

Glass production was not just confined to common use objects, glassblowers glass blower

Gibraltar Crystal - A History of Glass. Glass Blowing

Glass making eventually returned to Britain with the re-build of Canterbury Cathedral in 1174, after a fire had destroyed the older Norman Cathedral, ...

Corning Glass Works courtesy of Steuben County Historical Society

Historical Background

Glass making was one of the industries which developed in later 17th century Sunderland, taking advantage of the supply of otherwise unsaleable coal, ...

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Cup with Blue, WHite, and Yellow Canes, Greek, 100-1 B.C.E.

Glass Making

This text serves as a useful source for anyone studying the history of glassmaking and the chemical properties of glass. Additionally, it may be of interest ...

Sand- and shell-filled “ocean balls” are a popular item in Michael

Egyptian glass is among the finest of the ancient world. Yet how did the ancient Egyptians make it? New work, at the world's earliest-excavated glass making ...

The Red House Glass Cone in Stourbridge. Part of Stourbridge glass making history. Now an arts centre.

Plate II: Wood Glass Making ...

Blowing chemical glassware in Jena Glassworks, From Seen in Germany by Ray Stannard Baker, 1908

Worker at Owens-Illinois Glass Factory in 1973: Photograph of a worker using glass-making machinery at the Owens-Illinois factory. Alton Museum of History ...


Picture ...

... which today serves as an integral part of the company and remains one of the most respected R and D facilities in the glass industry.

image of a glass goblet

Medieval Glassmaking French History, Renaissance Art, History Books, Art World, Book Series

Male workers inside Red House Glass Cone, which is now Broadfield House Glass Museum.

Sklářské muzeum v Novém Boru, author: Milan Drahoňovský

A UK company, manufacturing glass since the early nineteenth century, now part of a Japanese multinational, revolutionised glass making for windows.

19th Century Glassmaking Metal Print by Cci Archives/science Photo Library

Image is loading POLISH-PIONEER-Va-history-Jamestown-colony-glass-blowing-

This text serves as a useful source for anyone studying the history of glassmaking and the chemical properties of glass. Additionally, it may be of interest ...


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Agnew and Chambers

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An illustration showing the casting of glass ...

Antique glass reference books: Westropp, Dudley. Irish Glass A History Of Glass-Making In Ireland

Antique illustration engraving of manufacturing industry: Glass making

GLASSMAKING, 18th CENTURY. /nA ladle of molten glass, ready to pour for the manufacture of plate glass, is pulled out of the furnace onto a carriage: line ...

These are drawings from a historical book, The Tryal of Glasse - The Story of Glassmaking at Jamestown about the Virginia Colonists during the presidency of ...

Glass Making Timeline

The history of glassmaking can be traced back to 3500 BC in Mesopotamia. Archaeological evidence suggests that the first true glass was made in coastal ...

After nationalization in 1945 it belonged to the state, but on 1 July 1993 the glass factory was bought by businessman – glass worker Judr. ;František ...

Sunderland trades and professions 1851

The History of Glass Making

Glass Making in Murano Murano Glass Making ...

We love this image of medieval glass-making, found in a 15th-century Italian manuscript British Library Sloane MS 4016, f.

A History of Venetian Glassmaking

Green hand blown glass pitcher

Seller Image

An informed painting of a Roman glassblowing workshop by David Hill.

History of Roman glass making

The barge made its way north along the Hudson River through the Catskills, then west on the Erie Canal, making over 30 stops along the way.