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How to launch qtp using vbscript

How to launch qtp using vbscript


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Windows Scheduled Task Wizard

Using On Error Statement − The 'On Error' statement is used to notify the VBScript engine of intentions to handle the run-time errors by a tester, ...

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Associating Library File

Automation Concepts in QTP and Selenium .

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Default Synchronization Time Out

In this post we'll learn how to perform keyboard operation in QTP using vbscript.

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Smart Identification Configuration

Build-in Environment Variables

Data Table in QTP

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Recovery Scenario Manager Access

Record and Run Settings Dialog

Using On Error Statement On Error statement, which informs the VBScript engine of intention to handle errors by self, rather than to allow the VBScript ...


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Virtual Object Step 1

VBscript XML Read data with/ without QTP/UFT

Error Handling

Java QTP Communication Channel

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Launch Applications Using QTP

Browse and locate that a.vbs file as shown below.

script to perform action

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Application ) App.Launch App.Visible =

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Below is the VBScript which the QTP has recorded through the Recording engine.

Rename as mention below:-

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QTP Actions


Number Patterns in UFT QTP

QTP Object Repositories

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Like Internet Explorer, each browser has a UFT Hook extension that must be enabled before object recognition will work.

I spent years and thousands of hours learning and using VBScript with UFT and QTP. I never realized how miserable this experience was until I used a ...

1 and supports Windows Server 2012 R2 (at technology preview level) Support for Safari


... the objects that we need to look at are CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") . The following code creates a qtp object and launches the QTP instance.

Below is the VBScript which the QTP has recorded through the Recording engine.

... Single Quote

QTP random number parameterization

In this part you will learn how to create a custom user form using DotNetFactory utility object in QTP.

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Go to your Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Data Sources (ODBC)

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Excel Operation in VBScript In this post we will see how to interact with excel application through vb script, QTP / UFT, Microsoft exce.

10 Exit ...

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Now open a new test in QTP and write few lines as below and run the test. It will show the value of a as 5 in message box.




The above setting will tell the QTP to run the test for multiple sets of test data.

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Now let us get to the differences:

Next time you launch UFT, the add-in manager dialogue box shows up . This is a simple one, but had problem figuring it out. So, I thought to share it with ...

Figure 1 – QTP 11.xx

... file via adodb object, i could not able to establish the connection, it says unspecified error . i have tested with both XP and windows 7.

Results Window Analysis

Create a UFT Automation Script


Now my add.vbs and QTP test are like as shown below, i.e. one more variable z is added. Now what do you think it will show (for z) when the test is run.

VBscript ...

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Run QTP when system is locked

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Below is the VBScript which the QTP has recorded through the Recording engine.

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Analyze the test results; 17.

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Windows Tab on Record and Run Settings Dialog

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The Local Variables Pane shows the values held by the local variables as shown below:

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Test Results