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Image with text in xamarin forms

Image with text in xamarin forms


enter image description here

I have a label. when user taps on this label it will show a display popup with an entry so that user can type message.

Text To Speech with Xamarin Forms

Xamarin Forms CrossPlatform Deep Dive ContentPage (Button Image) [Tutorial 3]

... same as in ios. Can somebody help me how can I Achieve this ? Below is the simple code for button:

enter image description here

04sathya-product-vertical.jpg ...

enter image description here

Some of the built-in Xamarin.Forms controls, as natively rendered on iOS and Android, can be seen below.

Is possible to make function share to instagram and facebook like images and text in xamarin forms? — Xamarin Community Forums

Spotify UI - Startscreen in iOS comparison

After Clicking, Share a Link button is given below.

SubramanyamRaju Xamarin & Windows App Dev Tutorials

When I was trying to create a UI with a multi-line editor control in Xamarin Forms, I got an issue that It does not extend its height when I was adding ...

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Horizontal List View with Circular Button styling in Xamarin.Forms

How To Text To Speech In Xamarin Forms tutorial 7

Previously we learned XML parsing in Xamarin.Forms. And this article demonstrates how to consume a RESTful web service and how to parse the JSON response ...

Open any XAML file in the source editor, right click anywhere in the document and click the [b]Format Xaml[/b] context menu option:

Using HeaderTemplate with Xamarin Forms

... 2. Topics Xamarin.Forms ...

Dotnet by Example: Floating 'text balloons' for context relevant information in Xamarin Forms

Xamarin Forms Image Cell [Tutorial 42]

Building a Business Intelligence App using Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin Forms: Vertical Text Alignment

Below link describes how I did fix it in the normal way... https://xamarinsharp.com/2017/05/16/listview-height-issue-in-xamarin-forms -how-to-solve-it/

Interacting with a ListView in Xamarin Forms

Xamarin.Forms listview with header and footer

Xamarin.Forms – Using Local Images (ImageSource.FromFile)


... the text color of the "TabbedPage" items? As you can see in screenshot, the current color does not fit the background and makes the items "unreadable".

I Get XAML, You Get XAML, Everyone Gets XAML with Xamarin.Forms -- Visual Studio Magazine

Have anyone faced this issue, please help. Thanks in advance.

NET, Windows Phone, Windows Store, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android and Silverlight. This makes it easier to create cross-platform .NET libraries and apps.

enter image description here

Everything is working as expected to load data in the list view control. The problem is after searching by using the Search Bar control then try to click ...

Xamarin Form Syncfusion Data Text box - circular progress bar

Free ebook: Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms – Microsoft Press blog


Figure 1: Tabs at bottom on iOS and Android

GORILLA PLAYER-multiple-devices-and-platforms


Xamarin Forms - Change Entry Focus

https://xamarinsharp.com/2018/02/24/xamarin-forms -editor-control-how-to-change-the-height-dynamically/

Facebook Messenger on iOS

THR1105 - Build your first Xamarin.Forms application

How Xamarin.Forms Can Take Your Mobile Apps to the Next (Cross-Platform

Over the last few years we have invested heavily in the native UI controls - we have an iOS control set, Android control set and Windows Phone control set.

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Attachments: The soft keyboard hides input field.

Custom animations require developers imagination, I guess Xamarin animations and transitions are way to it.

4 Xamarin XAML vs. Microsoft XAML

How To Entry Text In Xamarin Forms Tutorial 6

Here are two pictures, one of Facebook app on Android and the other is of KakaoTalk, also on Android (on iOS are the same):

Data Binding a Custom Cell in Xamarin.Forms ListView -- Visual Studio Magazine

Xamarin Forms UI

To compose your style there is a wide range of common selectors available with Xamarin.Forms 3.0.


... iOS: enter image description here

Syncfusion Xamarin.Forms Image Editor overview


Xamarin Forms Saving Data wirhout SQL any SQL SQLite SavableObject Plugin Xamarin, Xamarin Froms save

A quick test run with the new Xamarin Studio Community for Mac

iOS Renderer ?

In this article, I will demonstrate how to create and consume Xamarin.Forms Behaviors and input validation, using Xamarin Forms Behaviors.

Xamarin.Forms: Customize ListView

The tool name is "Windows Phone Forms to Xamarin Forms" and can be downloaded from the links in the references section. The app user interface is quite ...

Implementing the Good Dynamics SDK with Xamarin.Forms on iOS

In less than 3 hours, learn how to create a REST API with ASP.NET Core and call it from Xamarin Forms app (iOS & Android)

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How to implement Xamarin.Forms navigation using delegates and coordinators

Xamarin Forms Creating Pie Charts with Oxyplot 07

Image or Layout behind the Transparent Toolbar and StatusBar in Xamarin Forms using PageRenderer — Xamarin Community Forums

Cross-Platform App Development With Xamarin Forms, MVVMCross, and SkiaSharp

Using XAML to Build Cross-Platform UIs

Xamarin Mobile Application Development: Cross-Platform C# and Xamarin.Forms Fundamentals 1st ed. Edition

Simple Resume Mobile App with Xamarin.Forms Master-Detail Page and CSharp

Xamarin.Forms Data Binding

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... 15.