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JDM Legends

JDM Legends

JDM Legends

JDM Legends by OlegMarkaryan

JDM 101 | JDM Legends

JDM Legends

Meeting The Jdm Legends

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Redefining classic

JDM Legends - Bez Media [HD]


JDM Legends by icemanmsc

JDM Legends!: Land of the Rising Sun by Josh Clason




JDM Legends Gathering

The Supra, R34 GTR, and NSX are some of the most iconic sports cars of the 90's era that came out of Japan. It was a pleasure getting all these 3 cars ...

Video: JDM Legends gives vintage Japanese iron new life in U.S.


JDM Legends

Needless to say, the car has come together thanks to Eric's skill, knowledge, and plethora of tools. And one of those tools is his trusted shop truck, ...

Datsun 240Z JDM Legends - Just perfect ! De l'essence dans mes veines

2017 JDM Legends Meet

JDM Legends Datsun 240z


JDM Legend. MR2 by OlegMarkaryan

JDM Legend ...

... located right down the street from JDM Legends. They were able to reassure Eric that they wouldn't do anything he didn't feel comfortable with.

JDM Legends Meet August 2015 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-38

JDM Legends

JDM Legends Sneak Peek

JDM Legends - The Gathering of Renegades

Here you will find the DR30 Skyline that recently made the road trip to California for the Bayline Meet. This is one of the first cars that JDM Legends ...


JDM Legends - Car Culture (2017) RDF

With a sketchy hood, misaligned badges and the wrong wheels, this 72 Skyline GT-X direct from Hawaii rolled into the shop for a serious upgrade. JDM Legends ...


Datsun 510

Q: Why did you choose the Starlet?

“Four different producers had called,” Eric told us. “A lot of these guys had no clue about the Japanese car scene or culture, they just wanted the show.

90's JDM Legends | Never Die |

JDM Legends explains love of cars from the Land of the Rising Sun

Source: www.jdmlegends.com, 801-685-7900

JDM Legends is a new show that will debut on Velocity Channel on April 17. As the name implies, it follows the Salt Lake City-based shop ...

JDM Legends - A Gathering of Renegades

This ...

JDM Legends

JDM Legends


JDM Legends

... time at JDM Legends you'll get an insider look at our 1984 RX-7 rebuild and a complete a full frame up of a Skyline GT-R!pic.twitter.com/xmthOWPohO

JDM legends ...

Q: Why did you choose the Starlet?

Datsun 240Z | JDM Legends

Episode 01 didn't just consist of the 240Z. They also highlighted a previous S30 build to give less informed viewers some background on why this car is so ...

JDM Legends Poster

1973 Datsun 240Z Taillights

JDM Legends by ID-esign

JDM Legends

JDM Legends Flyer

'72 Hakosuka GTX

The result is mighty automobile bursting with character. I love how the paint is untouched from how it came, while almost everything else is upgraded.

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Utahns at JDM Legends are now TV stars — but don't tell them that

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JDM Legends

The Blue Light Special - JDM Legends Preview Ep. 2

That's all about to change with the Velocity Channel's JDM Legends, titled after ...


Photo Credit: Reddit User EmpireDude

(Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Josh Martin with a 1972 Nissan Skyline

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Nissan Skyline GTR KGC10 by JDM Legends

JDM Legends Visit

JDM Legends - The gathering of renegades

JDM Legends

Fans of the TV show can also meet Eric Bizek and the JDM Legends crew during appearances on 10/31 at 11AM and 11/1 at 12PM.

JDM Legends Meet August 2015 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-17.jpg

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JDM Legends

JDM Legends - Nissan GTR R34 vs Toyota Supra by DarioJurkovic ...


Mazda Autozam AZ-1 Mazda Autozam AZ-1 ...

JDM Legends Grand Re-Opening Nissan Skyline

JDM Legends

JDM Legends