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Kataka mudra

Kataka mudra


Kataka-mukha Mudra


Kataka-mukha Mudra is the twelfth hand gesture of the 28 single-hand mudras (Asamyukta Hastas) as described in the Abhinaya Darpana.



Alapadma Mudra

Kataka-mukha Mudra Kataka-mukha Mudra English: “link in a chain” Kataka-mukha Mudra is the twelfth hand ge.

In Bharatanatyam, Kataka Mukha is the only Mudra that is done in three ways. One of them is the opening of a bracelet. Bring together your index, ...

Katakamukha Side

Kataka-mukha Mudra. kathak01.jpg

Kataka-mukha Mudra Kataka-mukha Mudra English: “link in a chain” Kataka-mukha Mudra is the twelfth hand ge.



Enlightening gestures

Hold all your fingers straight signalling like a stop. The only difference is that your thumb should be bent a little bit and all the fingers are to be held ...

List of Mudras

Hand Gestures Classical dances Kataka Mudra

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Samyukta Hasta: Bharatanatyam Hasta Mudra (Hand Gestures)

The middle, ring and the little fingers are pressed against the thumb, while the forefinger is held straight. This forms the Suchi Hasta. This Mudra ...




The Mudra of Cakrapravartana

Stock Photo - Woman hand showing Katakavardhana hasta of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam


Shadows of hands performing the Kataka Vardhana mudra, Odissi dance, India, Asia -



Colombo Sri Lanka National Museum 6th Century AD Bronze hollow cast Preaching Buddha seated in the


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Resting your thumb in the clasps of the other fingers, the Mudra is formed. You can also place the thumb on the fingers.

Simhamukha, Face of a lion, Hasthamudra6.JPG

Vardhamaanaka Mudra

Woman performing Ukatuooa mudra of Bharatnatyam - Stock Image

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From the previous Mudra, retain the position of your thumb and ring finger. The index, middle and little finger should be in line and are to be held tight.

katakamukha mudra protection

Asinsana Mudra



During the first few lessons, we had to memorise all the 24 Mudras, and our instructor Mr Biju will look at us do it individually.


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Rest your pointer finger over your thumb and continue doing the Shikara Mudra. This Mudra is called Kapittha which means Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati.

Varun mudra. Yogic hand gesture. Isolated on toned background.

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Trishula, Trident, Hasthamudra18.JPG

This mudra can be used to denote a bracelet, holding of a damru by Lord


Esta posición se utiliza con frecuencia en las representaciones en las que las flores frescas u

Mudras of the Buddha: dharmachakra (teaching), bhumisparsa (calling the earth to witness), anjali (worship), and dhyana (meditation). Line drawing.

Bhessajjaguru Mudra

12 - Kataka - Mukha

Katakamukha Front

Katakamukha Mudra protection yoga – How to do this protective mudra

"Kataka mudra" Eine faustähnliche Geste, bei der die Finger so weit zusammengehalten werden

... Katakamukha mudra of Bharatanatyam dance | by Sribha Jain

Shuni mudra. Yogic hand gesture. Isolated on toned background.

Mandala mudra, kalachakra, bodhgaya, india. A mandala mudra is a sacred form

Kartari Mukha Mudra is done from Artha pataaka. With your little finger and the ring finger bent and pressed against the thumb, gently open your index ...


Hamsasya Mudra }• The light of the Wick The strand of Pearls The

12 - Kataka - Mukha

hamsasye (Bharatanatyam) Tags: swan bharatanatyam mudra hamsasye

Woman hand showing Hamsapaksha hasta (mudra) (meaning 'number 6' or '

M-flag. U-tree

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Kataka-mukha. Category: Mudras

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The Arthachandra Mudra is performed will all the fingers up and straight. It replicates the Pataaka Mudra but the thumb is in line with the other fingers as ...

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Samyuta Hastas - with Shloka (Kuchipudi)

Korea (Now at Los Angeles County Museum of Art)


Woman hand showing Kapittha hasta (hand gesture, also called mudra) (meaning "Godess Lakshmi") of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam.

Fine Art Greeting Card: OOAK Montage 'Lakshimi Octagram'

One of the most striking features of Indian classical dance is the use of hand gestures

Woman hand showing Bhramara (Brahmara) hasta (hand gesture .

Chandrakala, Face of the moon, Hasthamudra5.JPG

Hand gesture

Somaskanda back

Golden Buddha statue, the gesture (Mudra) symbolises the moment of enlightment, Bagan