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Limited color palette generator

Limited color palette generator


I ran both through CCS Drive's image to colors palette generator. This on-line program pulls out the main colors from any image, and also gives you a ...

Color Hunt | Color Palette Generator

Adobe Color CC | Color Palette Generator

Best Color Palette Generators

Material palette color palette

Mudcube Color Sphere. Mudcube Sphere | Color Palette Generator

Colour Code. Colour Code | Color Palette Generator


Color by Hailpixel. Color by Hailpixel | Color Palette Generator

Color Scheme Designer by Paletton

Colour Lovers | Color Palette Generator

Category #1: Color Palettes Generator

Color Picker by HTML Color Codes

Let's Go! Generate color palettes ...

TedTodd and ThoughtBox's websites have very simple color palettes


Colrd | Color Palette Generator

Best Color Palette Generators

Colormind is a unique tool that uses color styles from films, art, and photos in order to create a color palette. If no colors are locked, it creates random ...

Adobe's Color Wheel


Material design palette generator example

Cohesive Colors

Cohesive Colors | Color Palette Generator

Color Hunter | Color Palette Generator

Screenshot of Tristen Brown's color picker based on ...

Color Palette Generator

19 Color Palette Generators That Make Web Design Easier

Color Palette Generator

Corante Color Picker

Let's Go! Generate palettes ...

Material Palette


Coolors is a super fast color generator that is free of charge and that will definitely get the job done. The key features include:

Material Palette


The color wheel is a great tool that helps artists decide what color scheme they want

How to do a Color Palette Selection for your app?

New tool turns Google into a colour-picker

6 Color Palettes | Painting Palettes | Watercolor Painting | Choosing a Color Palette | Color

Color Brewer Screenshot

color palette card, color inspiration secrets

PHOTOCOPA is another great tool by COLOURlovers that will help you create lovely color palettes for websites that are image-inspired.

Screenshot of color schemes in Paletton

pastel color palette

Screenshot of an alternative chroma.js color picker

Tip 045 - How To Create a Color Picker Effects in After Effects


A quick guide to choosing a color palette

Mudcube Sphere

Sample Image


HTML Colour Code

pallet of colors color palettes from each of his movies he designs the clothes the decor . pallet of colors palette ...

ColorZilla is a wonderful advanced tool for creating an amazing CSS color palette. The advanced features include:

A tool for analysing colour schemes

... for those who don't feel like spending too much time playing around with the color wheel and adjusting the colors to perfection manually. This tool ...

Color Munki

Colllor color palette generator

Automatically generate your paint colour palette from a photo, Sample Image Colour Palette

Monochromatic color scheme

teal and orange color scheme movie palette

Adobe Color CC is an awesome tool that can speed up exploring various color scheme options.

Color Hexa

Palettable is an amazing color combination generator that creates a palette using the knowledge of thousands of designers. It has a full screen display that ...

How to Create Custom Color Swatches in Adobe Illustrator

Screen shot webcolorpicker, a hex color picker for OS X

Arduino LED Color Picker. After experimenting with an RGB LED for a while, I became interested in the idea of using a color gradient to control the LED.

Another great tool for generating website color schemes – DeGraeve Palette Generator. It is a web-based tool that is not only very useful, but it is also ...

Krita's pop up palette and color picker

Color Palette Generator - You enter a URL address and they give you the colors -

Colorion is a tool with 3 main options: base colors, gradient buttons, and image to the material palette. It will help you create wonderful color palettes ...

Screenshot of loupe in Chroma

Colors on the Web – The Color Wizard is a color matching application for anyone who wants to create new designs with beautiful website color schemes.

Create a Wardrobe Color Palette

Luis Barragán House / Luis Barragán. Imagem © Flickr of LrBln

Screenshot of NASA Ames color tool.


bold warm color palette

The Royal Tenenbaums, 2001

6 Color Palettes | Painting Palettes | Watercolor Painting | Choosing a Color Palette | Color


This color picker software is optimized for web designers, but other users can use it as well. Using this application you can easily pick any color from ...

colo picker software windows 10

Color palette generator

Really Simple Color Picker ...

Screenshot of the chroma.js home page.