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Linq query to select data from table

Linq query to select data from table


In my LINQ to SQL Part 3: Querying our Database post I discussed how you can write LINQ query expressions against a LINQ to SQL data model using code like ...

LINQ to SQL (Part 3 - Querying our Database)

application table and education table both have foreign key from table user list

error try with RemoveRange ...

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Database diagram

The ...

The above SQL causes all of the NumOrders and Revenue value computations to be done inside the SQL server, and results in only the below data being ...

DB Tables



Northwind Database Modeled using LINQ to SQL

Get data from a table after joining based on null value of joined table using LINQ

1. EMP Table

The list will contain the pet id, type, name, owner and remarks


In the tables above, we have StudentId as a primary key column for tblStudent and CourseId as a primary key column for tblCourse.

The nice thing about LINQ is that it makes this type of scenario easy by allowing us to use nested LINQ query expressions like so:


Create LINQ to SQL Classes class

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Now ...

If you click the "Execute" button, you can even test out the SQL query and see the raw returned results that will be returned from the database:

In the last line of the LINQ “select new” satement, I used a ternary statement to turn null values into zeros (so that LINQ won't be ...

LINQ to SQL in Action: Joining and Grouping

In the example above I'm declaring an anonymous type that uses object initialization to shape and define the result structure. What is really cool is that ...

Range variable n receive elements from the data source. The next clause in the query is where.

How to improve your LINQ query performance by 5 X times?

19 19Microsoft Visual C# 2012, Fifth Edition Using LINQ Queries ...

The ...

Entity Framework, LINQ, and Model-First


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Wrong field definition in the query

Often we only want to return a subset of the data about each product. We can use the new data shaping features that LINQ and the new C# and VB compilers ...

Get data with Sum from a table after multiple joining using LINQ

Many to many relation table and Linq query to join them

enter image description here. The query should select: SewagePlantName ...

I would like to run a query in C# via Linq to select all cars where color is green and black. In this case, the table has only 4 columns with colors, ...

Now, we will convert the above query into the LINQ query using lamda expressions & try to understand how the linq query is being written, by comparing with ...

The idea here is to retrieve some information concerning a company from the database, including some information of the users and laboratory locations ...

In my LINQ to SQL Data Context, I have the following tables.

Retrieve Data Using Linq ( Linq to SQL ) in Asp.Net C# | Hindi | Free Online Learning Classes

Entity Framework, LINQ, and Model-First

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Language Integrated Query LINQ diagram

20 20Microsoft Visual C# 2012, Fifth Edition Using LINQ Queries with an Access Database Table (cont'd.)

This will indicate that there is a relationship between the two objects, and cause LINQ to SQL to automatically ...

Best practices in optimizing LINQ performance

9.2 | LINQ to Objects using an int array. (Part 2

21 21Microsoft Visual C# 2012, Fifth Edition Using LINQ Queries with an Access Database Table (cont'd.)

The expression to the right of the "Revenue" property above is an example of using the "Sum" extension method provided by LINQ. It takes a Lambda expression ...


Next, we open the LINQ-To-SQL class file and open the server explorer and right click on Data connection > Select Add Connections > Choose Microsoft SQL ...

As we can filter interger kind of data similarly inorder to filter string we use LIKE ?

C# Linq Queries: Distinct()

Single LINQ query get foreign key column, Bind DataGridview

Shaping our Query Results

Step 3 − Select tables from database and drag and drop into the new LINQ to SQL class file.


I've also specified Update, Insert and Delete stored procedures for each of the tables. This is so we can lock down the database security a bit and disallow ...

After you got all of these set up, save the model and this will generate all the LINQ to SQL classes plus the DataContext which is used to manage the ...

Introduction to LINQ


Goals of LinQ Integrate data queries into.Net languages Before C# 3.0 you could use

Changes For dynamic Query

JPG LINQ-List--aspx-cs.JPG

Database Diagram

You will see the data from both tables displayed in the grid and they will be editable. As you update, insert and delete rows here, the DataSet will keep ...

4) Delete Products from the Database

C# Beginner to advanced - Lesson 52 - LINQ part 3 Query syntax

Image titled 684601 14

C# How to Load first and last record from the table using LINQ to Entity



[ProductName], [tsql-join-query-with-linq].[Quantity], [tsql-join-query -with-linq].[TotalAmount], [tsql-join-query-with-linq].

Book Catalog Application


The next step is to configure LINQDataSource by selecting all the columns for the employee record.

LINQ to Entities

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This way the EmpTag table will be directly accessable from the OpenAccess context.

I could then use the below LINQ query syntax to query my origional List collection, and transform the results to be a sequence of AlternatePerson ...

LINQ Part 1 Blog

12 Architecture.

... you can see how LINQ to SQL transforms the above expression queries into raw SQL that execute the UDF inside the database at runtime:

23 23Microsoft Visual C# 2012, Fifth Edition Using LINQ Queries with an Access Database Table (cont'd.)

The standard LINQ query operators

LINQPad Connection dialog box appears after database creation

Now I run the following LINQ query in the LINQPad editor and choose the Language option as C# Statement(s).