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Making 28mm buildings

Making 28mm buildings


Skirmish Sangin Blog

Top 10 Free Papercraft Terrain Sites

Making a 28mm Japanese house with interiors (1-64 scale or half of 1-32 also known as S scale in US)

How to build terrain - Wargaming Hobby, Painting, Terrain, Images, Warhammer 40k

How to : Making 28mm scale buildings for Vietnam

Yet again, Ade has inspired me to look at our own collection of buildings, an aim towards making them a lot more 'lived in' looking.

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Making Jungle Terrain

Late Medieval Bldg#3 Hudson & Allen 25mm scale model Late Medieval Village Set, Building 1 for Tabletop Miniature ...

Miniature Wargaming with Spudnick: Terrain Blitz Two: Buildings and such.

Here's the latest addition to the scenery collection, approx 10 feet of 28mm scale country road.

Dave's site has a ton of great model-building photos and examples - especially a few terrific buildings made with Linka like this one:

Miniature building with roof

once squared, glued and pinned, you end up with a series of shells like these. 2 ruins or 1 intact building can be made from a single shell

This is will introduce my personal approach and techniques for scratch building and ageing buildings, pertaining to the typical northern French ...

First I construct the exterior walls with foamcore. I'm fortunate to have a friend who owns a framing shop, and anytime I need some I can get a box full of ...

They make terrain and buildings for wargaming and model trains alike. I must admit that I believe their work to be breathtaking, ...

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Making a simple 28mm Japanese house

Imperial Fortress

Crescent Root (USA)

miniature buildings

Making a simple 28mm Japanese house

Scratchbuilt Frostgrave Terrain: 4 Door Crypt

Making Terrain Boards Part 6: Grass and Vegetation

Making Terrain Boards Part 1: Planning

Normandy photo-realistic 28mm terrain

Once the hot glue was dry I "hardened" the foam foliage with a diluted mix of Mod Podge (1 part water to 2 parts Mod Podge) and used an eye dropper to ...


The Flower of Battle

Making a 28mm Japanese house with interiors

The buildings are cast from super strong eurathane plastic, creating a model that will last on your table as long as you do.


Carving stone or brick texture into foamcore is quite simple, carefully work your sharp knife blade between the cardboard and foam and peel the outer layer ...

Making Tile Roofs for Wargaming Terrain

Accomodation Block - Painted

The brick building

I am creating 3D models that can be used for HO Scale Railroad Diorama's. The

Post Apocalypse

6 Building Pack - 28mm Modular Buildings for Wargamers & Roleplay

Tiny Terrain TV - Making a 28mm Mexican Mission

Bunker fragment. Terrain gallery

Making Slate Roofs | Zaboobadidoo

Making a thatched roof with toweling

Stronghold Terrain Dark Age Peasant's House

Floors, Walls & Roofs

Image titled Make Warhammer Terrain Step 1

How to use foam to make wargaming terrain or diorama terrain


City Table - Building The Board Sections! - Arcologies - Infinity: the Game Community. PotRoast · 28mm Inspiration for Model Making

Cityfight terrain Recommended ...

Build & Review: TT Combat's Lincoln Building with Scratchbuilt Interior – 28mm MDF Wargames Terrain

... Deluxe 2 Story Castle Tower Model (28mm) laser cut wargames building / terrain ...

How to build terrain


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The gate of Minas Tirith

I've been quietly boxing on making some more of the cardboard models from Florian Richter and Peter Dennis's book European Buildings: 28mm paper models for ...

Making Buildings Stand Up Straight

Making Terrain - Warbases "Grub Hut" - Dark Ages/Rohan House

Making a 28mm scale thatched roof

#sam #Archicad

The ...

Tools for cutting and measuring, Wargaming, Terrain building

Photo 13-01-2015 13 14 24

28mm Spanish buildings underway

... of the knife is clean after cutting, on the left I've started the ridge- making process. This step is messy so do it somewhere that's easy to clean up!

... plaster, sand and glue which for me at least was the only way to make buildings until I converted to making models with printed paper with stone, ...

Realistic pre-painted modular buildings & accessories in 28mm scale. Accessible and detailed interiors

Making terrain for 1st Corps 28mm WW2 Operation Kutosov


Image titled Make Warhammer Terrain Step 2

Making this Japanese house kit felt quite familiar, as it uses many similar concepts to 4Ground's kits, whose buildings form the major part of my Japanese ...

Making Roof Tiles

Weekly Roundup: Ten 3D Printable Things – Tabletop Wargaming Terrain

However, I realised that I lack terrain, especially buildings. After years of making 15mm stuff and finally decided to give scratchbuilding 28mm a try.

In their article on making Spanish Hermitage Escenografia Epsilon (2009) painted it in these steps:

Making a 28mm scale thatched roof

Steve May guides us through making these common rural buildings – ideal to enhance your tabletop!

Creating the next generation of modular pre painted terrain for 28mm and 10mm wargaming systems.


Creating Scenic Terrain - Using Static Grass and Small Shrubs

After a few comments from last time I've put some pics up and basic instructions on making 2 x 28mm warehouses from a single 1/35th diorama kit.


As well as a pristine city, town, village or road, it is easily possible to represent a ruined or blitzed street by painting the buildings, roads and ...

The basic shell made from foam sheets

Battle Brush Studios: Tutorial: My Kind of Town - The Making of a Dark Ages/Medieval village

BP Laser is a new terrain-making company making buildings and other such fun things out of laser-cut MDF. They're located in Australia, but if you ask nice, ...

To some, it may look cluttered, but to me, the variety of fields and fences add interest and color to the gaming table, especially when spread out over a ...

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