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Mosquitto unable to open log file for writing

Mosquitto unable to open log file for writing



For debugging I use log_type all.




Change to the directory where you have installed mosquitto (mos154 below) and type:






It really is that easy.

Installing secure Mosquitto broker on Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Jessie or Stretch along with systemd start up



Installing Mosquitto


Click on the “No configuration file found” info to bring the configuration wizard (or do if from the “Configuration” menu):


Next we need to create the ACL file using your favourite editor.


Installing Mosquitto

Once opened, a new connection tab will appear.

Picture of Create a New User for MariaDB Database

This should result in a message being published, and if it matches your defined subscription, you should see a message in the subscription tab.

Picture of Test the Mosquitto MQTT Broker

When using mqtt-spy for the first time, it is recommended you create a configuration file with sample content – this will give you a list of public MQTT ...

After saving and closing the file, I ran hass --open-ui again. From my phone or computer, I opened a browser and went to the IP address of my Raspberry Pi ...

Picture of Test the Mosquitto MQTT Broker

How to fix Can't write to C:\Program Files in Windows 7 - 'Error opening file for writing' - YouTube

jens_deters_mqtt.fx_02_publish.jpg; jens_deters_mqtt.fx_06_brokerstatus.jpg ...

Review: IoT Data Logging Services with MQTT

Scargill's Tech Blog

... API Builder console log that this message is received. As we'll see in the code shortly, API Builder will basically set the device's isConnected field ...

How to Log MQTT Sensor Data in Node-Red


Picture of Installing the MQTT Broker on the Raspberry Pi

Picture of Testing the Broker

Mosquitto running on Synology DS1515+

ESP32 MQTT – Publish and Subscribe with Arduino IDE

mqtt tutorial

So, I have my letter box sending MQTT messages to my MQTT Broker when someone delivers a letter or when someone checks the mail, but that's only the first ...

Temperature Dashboard Using Arduino UNO, ESP8266 And MQTT

Image from Servify.in

... it is better to create a separate user, assume that it will be user iobrokerwith the password 1234. Give user permission to read and write in any topic:

Why an MQTT destination?

Once the NodeJS app is executed, it should attempt to connect to the MQTT Broker. If this fails then we should get an error, however, if all goes as ...

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ThingSpeak MQTT Broker

And that's it for IFTTT, now back to your MQTT Broker. First make the /etc/mqttwarn directory, and create a file called mqttwarn.ini with your favourite ...

Screenshot from 2017-07-27 11-52-23.png

If you are not sure about what's the exact topic string, you can search for it in the provided text field – this acts as a filter for the table, ...

Using MQTTLens to test Mosquitto

Edit the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file and change the PermitRootLogin line to yes and then save.

Agriculture IoT using MQTT to transmit messages

Picture of Installing Client Library for MQTT

Connecting to an MQTT broker/server

You can also see that the script obviously cannot write the logfile... Thanks for advice how to solve this.

Login as pi with password raspberry , and finnaly we're connected to our Raspberry Pi and can install mosquito on it.

The 3rd blog post will cover the advanced search: with script files and inline search scripts.

Enabling SSH on Synology NAS

Using the Sonoff IoT/WiFi Relay with your own MQTT Server (#52)


Picture of Store Messages From Mosquitto MQTT Broker Into SQL Database

Mainflux Open Source IoT Platform Set up and Usage

How to install and configure Mosquitto MQTT on your Ubuntu 18.04 server? | HostAdvice

You can start your DigitalOcean Ubuntu server for as low as $5/mo and be online in 1 minute. Best yet, if you use this link you get $10 credit for free!

Simple publication

Launching and Configuring the EC2 Instance

Picture of Setting Up the ESP8266 (Adafruit HUZZAH)

Launching and Configuring the EC2 Instance

Simple subscription

Picture of Installing the MQTT Broker on the Raspberry Pi

Temperature Logging Using MQTT and MongoDB

All line-based charts support pan & zoom capability – for details see https://github.com/eclipse/paho.mqtt-spy/wiki/Charts

Python and Paho for MQTT with AWS IoT

Component diagram

At least 32,000 smart homes and businesses at risk of leaking data | Avast

Picture of Installing Client Library for MQTT

Just to get a glimpse of MQTT basics, a MQTT system is made of with a broker, subscribers, and publishers. So, we got to build a broker first which will ...

Click on Settings as you will need to record for later, the Webhooks key that has been created.

Testing the MQTT Messaging Broker for IoT - A Guide

Real-time processing statistics referred to as “load” – this is available for each of the subscriptions, and for all subscriptions combined – you will find ...

With this NiFi flow we are consuming the MQTT and Kafka messages send by the Kafka Streams application.

Features of MQTT

Making Sure Everything is Working

Picture of Setting Up the ESP8266 (Adafruit HUZZAH)

I Invalid%20Config

MQTT & MicroPython

Again, the subscription tab has got a context menu, which gives you access to some of the key features like charts.

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Tutorial: IOT / Installing and Testing Mosquitto MQTT on the Raspberry Pi

Read and Write Data To a File In Node-Red