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Mu online npc

Mu online npc


Go to NPC Monica at Elbeland (24, 229)

Rhea (30, 236) Create a seed through NPC seed master

Npc b.jpg ...

Map, NPC

Purchase weapons with skills from NPC in Lorencia

Global Mu Online picture


MU Webzen - Problem with mouse cursor when clicking a Shop NPC

Wandering Merchant Zyro registers a quest with the Mercenary Guild on Tuesdays and Fridays for basic level characters. To begin the quests, you'll actually ...

You can get skill books from either NPC or Monsters

NPC Mait

Mix Master NPC - Ignition MU Online

Entrance NPC Lugard: Elveland (49,216) ETC: The level of map will be automatically adjustedaccording to the level of character

npc mu online

The Guard NPC

Additional info

Purchase skill books from NPC in Lorencia

Exchange Lucky Item

Como Ir Ao NPC Dos GM em Qualquer Mu Online Atualizado 2016

File:Grand Reset Master NPC.jpg

NPC monica Bug

Silvia is located in Elveland (45, 230). Silvia sells general goods for Mutizens. The general goods she sells includes health potions, mana potions, ...

Mirage - Event square (189,21)

Guards Man NPC. From MU Online ...

No photo description available.

New Npc Sirena (Sony 3D Maker Adapter) Tags: 2017 sony file custom mu

Ésta es una de las mejoras exclusivas que tiene Argentina MU 99B. Desde éste NPC podrás adquirir algunos objetos a cambio de MU Coins.

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Modificando Shop dos NPCS MuOnline

Please be informed that NPC Elpis - Gemstone Refinery is now available at Acheron ( 29, 206 ).

Gens Vanert NPC

He will tell you more about the Ring once you give him a gift of 3 million Zen. Return to Marlon once you have found the Ring of Glory to complete your ...

More events coming up in MU Online

Create a seed through NPC seed master at Elveland.

First customized animation inside mu online capoeira dance in noria

Pasi (118,113) Pasi, the Mage, sells basic equipment for Dark Wizards who begin their journey into the world of Lemuria

NPC Monica is a shopkeeper, whom sells [Evolution Stone] in exchange for [Wizardry Stone].

Mu Online Season 8 - Jewel of Pandora | MuGuides.info

[Imagem: JmweS8A.jpg]

Npc maluco no mu Hard's


Here is what inside the minimap.bmd:minimap.txt

We have also added excellent items + 7 on NPC Shops.

End time: after server maintenance on Feb.15


Các bản tin mới cập nhật khác khác:

Pet Trainer (122,110) The pet trainer in Lorencia resurrects the spirits of the dark lord's pets.

NPC Werewolf Quarrel : Crywolf 62,239 - NPC Gatekeeper : Barracks of Ballgass 119,168

Illusion Temple is a PVP event for maximum 10 players and minimum 2 players. Illusion Temple Gate are open each one hour. NPC: Mirage (Elbeland 55,243)

Npc Warrior (Sony 3D Maker Adapter) Tags: 2017 sony sets skins mu custom

files mu online ...

Elf Lala

Moss is located in Elveland (23, 227). Moss is very unique and offers a small gambling service. In his shop he will sell you a random sword from his ...

Tenemos todo lo que buscas!

MU Online: DK VIC set + NPC set + 3rd Wings+11

Mu Online SS13: NPC MOSS random item :)

axe · axe · axe

Step 2: Once on Valley of Loren: Locate and ENTER coor 160, 42. See my screenshot below. Step 3: Meet NPC Priest Devin to start the quest.

Mu Online Cast New Spell


work fine. in elveland add 2 np james. 1 npc not suport all sets chars. i separated sets in 2 npc.

Item,Logo,Monster,Skill,Npc,Player(78mb) http://rapidshare.co... ... 00_SMD.rar. Map's Objects(150mb) http://rapidshare.co... ... MD_300.rar

Structure of Debenter Valley

/rebuild - automatically sets your character to max 400 level with 150 master level and 150 master points.

Настроенный MonsterSetBase для сервера Mu Online от 97d+ до Season 3

Mu Online Inventory Magic

Ellysium Mu Online


MU Online: NPC ...

MU Online Battle Core NPC

GlobalMu Updates V6

Lahap can make jewel bundles at the cost of Zen; he can bind and unbind jewel bundles.

NPC location by coordinate

Which MMORPGs make items more shiny when upgraded? (Like MU Online) ...

Hanzo the Blacksmith

Castle Operation

Last Man Standing

LOW x50» HIGH x500» EASY x5000

Male Swordsman Set (NEW)

[Imagem: xs6s3yy.jpg]

Talk to David NPC at Elveland:

"MU LEGEND" was produced as a successor to the MMORPG "MU Online" that has been serving for 13 years for a long time, and the fundamental elements such as ...

"NPC Cent":

Goblin những gã phủ thủy chế tạo đồ có tính tình thất thường với vai trò chính là nắm giữ, cai quản và điều phối các dòng tiền của thế giới MU.

A través de éste NPC podrás obtener piezas de algunos de los nuevos sets. ¿Todavía no los viste?

Npc b.jpg Npc c.jpg ...


Battle Core, Update for Mu Online Announced