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Photoshop gem effect

Photoshop gem effect


How To Easily Make Crystal, Diamond & Gem Effects in Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial ~ How To Make Semi Transparent Gems And Stones

... amber cabochon on the right using little more than a collection of layer effects, not to mention a suitable background of marble and a gold chain.

The gem effect of PS style

Make a stone

cYo Sparkling Gemstones Marquise Cut, 23 meshes, materials, animated textures, script and Photoshop file

... Deke has another video this week that further refines this effect with a technique that he calls “Cutting and brushing light on a gem.

Gem Styles - Elegant and Original - Envato #Photoshop #Actions #PhotoshopActions #TextEffect #photo #design #BestDesignResources

Now maybe the most important, if you a making the gem with such Polygon edges the reflections got to be correct.


Gems by niccey by niccey photoshop resource collected by psd-dude.com from deviantart

[ IMG]


Create a Sparkle Effect in Photoshop

Photoshop Layer Styles - Designer Gems - GEM STONE - 1 Photoshop Style file (.ASL) containing 10 unique Styles to add to your Text.

Pack of gems in blue tones

02. Now go to the menu and select Layer > Layer Styles > Drop Shadow. A new window will open. Now add the values below to get a small shadow under your ...


Iridescent gemstones by Lyotta ...

How to color gems in Photoshop - by Vivi (VVNNG)

Glow Styles v2 by Idered photoshop resource collected by psd-dude.com from deviantart

Fur Generator

Why is my follow-up movie called “Cutting and brushing light on a gem”? Because if you compare the image above to the one above that, you'll see how I've ...

Iridescent styles by Lyotta ...

Crystal Text Effect

Before he closes the Layer Style dialog box, Deke applies one more effect: a Drop Shadow where the jewel would naturally shade the marble behind it.

8-Bit Photoshop Styles

Gem Style Jewelry Photoshop Creator

Jewel Text Effects by XFFL Jewel Text Effects Files FeaturesPSD Format Layer Styles 24001200 Pixels 72 & 300 PPI Version Easy to Change the Text, Font, ...

Free Photoshop Layer Styles PSD 99 Text Effect

Gem Styles - Elegant and Original

Photoshop Demo - Working with layers to make a jewel



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Kimibox ...

Birthday Photoshop Styles

The Ultimate 1001 Text Effects with Envato Elements subscription

PaperCraft Photoshop Effects - Layer Styles


That said, it is always good to change the position of a jewel, and remember to document a piece from the front and back.

image 0

Assortment of pretty stones in flat design

Acrylic Painting Photoshop Action


... 30 Amazing Free Photoshop Text Styles & Effects ...

Filmatic Photoshop Styles


Designer Gems - Photoshop Layer Styles - 3D Full Set web display

A more advanced way to add the star effect by using brushes. (This method works well for those who are comfortable working with Photoshop brushes.)

Best Tutorial for Event Lighting in Photoshop (Easy tricks)

how draw teardrop photoshop to make ripped paper effect tutorial youtuberhyoutubecom a gem in how draw teardrop photoshop to a gem in youtuberhyoutubecom ...

... Fractal Manipulation Tutorial for Photoshop -Bunny by rockgem

A crystal study painting I did so in love with this glow effect :3 #

Sci-Fi Photoshop Styles

how to create an easy dispersion effect in photoshop wegraphics

However I felt that it didn't look very realistic. Therefore I traced the outline of the building into dots on acetate and then layered it onto the drawing.

Be careful with this vignetting effect, though, as it is often overused and can look amateurish if applied heavy-handedly.

Designer Gems - Photoshop Styles - 24kt Gold full set

Smoke Photoshop Photo Effect Action

Realistic Chalk Drawing Effect — PS action download action photoshop bright colorful illustration sketch shading realistic

Background with diamond in realistic style

... Photoshop Elements 7, page 258 ...

How to Create a Quick Sparkling Diamonds Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

This large, 201.06 carat ametrine is from Bolivia. Courtesy of Michael M. Dyber, gem designer, photo by Robert Weldon/GIA


How to photograph jewelry: Photoshop tips from the pros

... Cinematic Color Grading in Photoshop, Cinematic Color Grading (Movie Looke Effect) - Photoshop

Crystal Text Effect

Collect Gem 03 Sound Effect

Blending: controls how a given percent effect on the photo. 0% means the same as the original photo. Detail: controls how smooth the effects of which will ...

Free Photoshop Layer Styles PSD Fancy Text Effect


Smoke Photoshop Action (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Epic Creative Photo Effect Photoshop Action

Photoshop Style - Navajo Jewelry

Tesla Effect Emeraldgemclear - Employee Self Service

Gemstone Retouching in Photoshop & Best stone retouch.

Teaching GEM network advertising teaser

Chalkboard Styles Designer Gems example web display

Designer Essentials Ultimate Precious Styles Vol.8 - Envato #Photoshop #Actions #PhotoshopAction #TextEffect #photogra… | PhotoShop Text Effect Actions ...

Crystal Text Effect

Making a Different Layer's Selection Into a Layer Mask

Cutout Effect for Photoshop

DarkNight Forest Photoshop Tutorials | Photoshop basic

Add bokeh effects after the shutter snaps to get an artistic look, as seen with

Without Shine Effect

Miniaturum is another professional Photoshop action that creates a realistic watercolor sketch effect. This action is best used with your landscape and ...

Be sure to checkout this smoke toolkit for your next project that requires a smoke effect. Not only will you get smoke brushes but the toolkit also includes ...

Set of lineal gems