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Sonic cd 2011 sound test

Sonic cd 2011 sound test


My Sonic CD Art Contest Entry

In the D.A. Garden you can listen to many songs of Sonic CD and having fun messing around with Little Planet by pressing button on your Keyboard/Controller.

Made by DarkVampireDee

Sonic the Hedgehog CD

Steam Community :: Guide :: Unlockables, Soundtest-Codes,Mods,100% Save File(and Achievments,kind of)

PCM 07 DA 07 A new secret Special Stage with a very funny look

Steam Community :: Guide :: Unlockables, Soundtest-Codes,Mods,100% Save File(and Achievments,kind of)

NOTE: Both spindash types have the ability to use "Super Peel Out", Sonic CD's "alternate" spindash. This is done by pressing up and and holding jump button ...

Tails is a playable Character in the HD-Version. To unlock him simply complete the game.

Sonic CD cheats (cheats in desc.)

Steam Community :: Guide :: Unlockables, Soundtest-Codes,Mods,100% Save File(and Achievments,kind of)

To unlock this you have to complete all the Stages from the normal Time Attack mode in under 25'00'00 (25min). You can then select them by pressing Up on ...


Stage Select

PCM 07 DA 07 A new secret Special Stage with a very funny look


FinalFever CW.jpg

... total of 25 minutes or under OR Clear main game with all 7 Time Stones (needs confirmation) Description: D.A. Garden is an interactive sound test, ...

PCM 11 DA 09 A Picture of a cute looking Sonic

About the Album

Description: This version of Sonic CD contains three different video filters.

Sonic CD

PCM 03 DA 01 Sonic as a DJ

Time travel in Sonic's world is so quotidian that they post it on street signs.

Sonic CD - Ultimate Intro/Ending Animation Compilation (JP/US/JP Original) - YouTube

... change the item press Y/Z and to place an item press C. This only works properly on keyboard or keyboard emulation since you can't change the selected ...

Sonic CD

[Sonic CD 2011] [PC] - Opening / Ending Music mod (With lyrics) DOWNLOAD - YouTube

Sonic CD 2011 - Debut Trailer HD

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Unused Sound Test 10 music

Sonic Mania Music in Sonic CD

(SEGA CD) Sonic CD: How To Unlock The Secret Special Stage

Achievment Guide

Sonic CD PC BigBox Cover.jpg

Title Card Level Select icon ...

Creepy sound test may be a misunderstanding

Sonic CD

Badniks in cinematic ending.

Unlock criteria: Clear normal Time Attack mode with a combined total of 25 minutes or under. Description: Go to this new menu by pressing up or down on the ...

SOUNDTRACK (Soundtrack Toggle)

You'd move quickly too if your legs could morph into a Mobius strip.

Krakow Sonic Society, or its members, are not particular optimists. I would even say that optimism is an alien concept to them – they have listened to so ...

Sonic 2 Solid Gold Guide Sonic CD Preview ...

Alternative image.


Sonic leaps gracefully from rock to rock.

... completely ignore the "how to play" entry, but I encourage you to do so this time. It has character bios, story, artwork, insight into the special moves ...

Sally in Sonic CD

Sound of Speed Cover ...


Sonic CD iOS Launch Trailer-0

Sonic CD PC Version

... with accessing the level select screen and activating debug mode, two things we covered in our secrets guide for the remastered version of Sonic ...

Somari In Sonic CD

The boss encounters, while interestingly designed, tend toward the easy side.

(1080 HD)Sonic CD Pencil Test Animation Remastered Sonic The Hedgehog CD (Video

Sonic the Hedgehog CD


SonicCDPrototype510titlescreen. SonicCDPrototype510titlescreen

Sonic the Hedgehog (1991 video game)

A bit further. The enemy placements here match the 510 prototype but were changed for the final game. The background is simpler than the final build, ...

CD 2011 Sonic runs for 16:3X

Audio. Sonic the Hedgehog - Remix, the first Japanese Sonic-centric music release.

Sonic CD Trailer 2

Sonic CD PC Version Sonic CD PC Version

And of course, who could forget the infamous race against Metal Sonic on the twisting

Zone: 0 - The Comprehensive Sonic the Hedgehog Game Guide

In late 1992 and early 1993 (possibly in conjunction with Yuusei Sega World), a set of early Palmtree Panic screenshots were sent out to the press.

Screenshot 1 ...

At the end of the pencil test is an additional sequence not seen elsewhere.

Angry Sonic

Sonic CD Case Scan, Sonic CD Case Scan

The main setting of Sonic the Hedgehog CD.

Chevy Sonic LTZ cockpit

Amy Rose in Sonic CD

Sonic 2 Solid Gold Guide Sonic CD Preview ...

Esta versão do jogo se destaca pelas melhorias e adições ao game de 1993, possibilitadas pela nova engine. Os gráficos foram remasterizados em HD e agora o ...

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Shadow and Rouge

Toei Sonic (S3) in Sonic CD

CompleteSonicCDGuide Book UK.jpg

An early first look at one of the scenes shown in the opening animation to Sonic CD. There are slight minor differences between this screenshot and the ...

Sonic CD (european version) - Sonic cd (Sega cd) (Parte 1

Saved Games management in the PC/Sonic Gems version, the more straightforward of the

Screenshot 1; Screenshot 2; Screenshot 3 ...

Will Sonic finally discover the secret to Eggman's luxuriant moustache?

Sonic CD was originally released for the Sega CD (seen here attached below the Genesis).

Sonic the Hedgehog

Chevy Sonic LTZ in Inferno

After having a quick view of the road ahead, he dashes off toward the unknown

Photo of the outside of the U.S. Havana Embassy Parking lot

O jogo também possui um modo chamado Time Attack. Este modo serve para você utilizar as fases para bater o melhor tempo. Neste modo vale apenas o tempo.

If you saved the day and made a game full of Good Futures, you get