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Substance painter masking

Substance painter masking


Quick Masks in Substance Painter

Substance Painter - Storage Box Tutorial PT3 - Editing Masks

Substance Painter Layers, Masks, and Generators

SS SubstancePainter2_Smartmask Shelf

Substance Painter Beta 10 video Using Stencil Masks

Substance Painter Beta - Masking and Selection Tool - YouTube

Substance Designer 5 - Mask Builder

Source: Allegorithmic

Newbie - Hans Tutorial: Strange contour around stitches (Masking by Color ID)

... we used a mask to blend between them (which was also created in Substance Painter using the mask editor) and finally I added some broken decals for the ...

Another important feature of Painter was the use of Smart Masks. These are procedural masks that give you a formulated way to create scratches, ...

Are you looking for a nice mask generator for Substance Painter? Check out a free one by Forest Telford. The artist created this as a masking method that ...

As you can see in this example, the 8K export from Substance Painter ...

Smart Masks & Adding Dirt in Substance Painter

Setting up and masking more painted metal: Substance Painter: Petrol Pump Game Asset

Give your Smart Materials generic names to encourage you to reuse them in creative ways.

Substance Painter Tutorial: Texture A Sci-Fi Character

Author Topic: Masks artefacts when using alphas (Read 697 times)

This is a Light stamp tool for Substance painter, in one click you get 2 detail masks, emissive mask and an emissive gradient mask, which are all fully ...

Substance Painter Intro Part 11 - Using Smart Materials and Smart Masks

It is like the height channel is completely ignoring the mask and using the height information from the layers below. All other channels are obeying the ...

Substance Painter isn't just for painting. This robot hand was textured using Generators and Masks alone.

Painter 220

Dynamic Material Layering

alt text

... alt text

To achieve consistent results between the Substance Painter viewport and a 3ds Max/V-Ray render, override the Reflect, RGlossiness and Fresnel IOR slots ...

Substance painter 2 0 Realtime Substance fx

Mask creation

Substance Designer graphs can get complex. Group nodes into frames to see what's going on at a glance.

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Using Polygon Fill to create masks: Substance Painter Essential Training

Substance Painter Tutorial: Texture A Sci-Fi Character

jonas ronnegardPRO

Using ys_PaintPeel filter for Substance Painter

... the feedback process by giving screenshots directly from Substance Painter to our Director and production designer, without having to export each time.

... masksubstance painter · sp_tablet.jpg ...

I have converted my Quixel MegaScan materials over to Substance Painter. In this example we will use "Dirty Scratched Painted Steel", as it has both metal ...

Substance Painter - Animated Blending Mask creation

SPTool – Masked Alphas Beta _ Substance painter_ By JRO TOOLS

Color masking in Substance

Using Mask Generators in Substance Designer

The final result of using a combination of hand painting and smart masks to create a

I decided to make use of the anchor point system inside Substance Painter to drive different effects based on the thickness of the varnish.

Localized grunge is applied using a combination of custom paint strokes and color/roughness adjustments driven by generator masks and curvature/AO maps.

#2 - With this method, you'll only be painting masks for assigned materials assigned in the ...

Smart masks are great, but they need quite a bit of additional, customized paints below each paint layer—this is why we're using Substance Painter, folks!

First Impressions of newly released Substance Painter 2. What's new? What…

Substance painter - Low poly Geo ID masks using Designer

Advanced geometry-based tools such as for example curvature masking (shown here in Substance Painter) allow quickly adding a worn look to the uniform's ...

Like the name itself suggests, I use the Damage RGB Mask to store any damage information I used before. Into this channel I often add dirt, dust, smudges, ...

A noise source and a blur node connected to a Slope Blur Grayscale node creates organic-looking tile edges.

8 super tips for Substance Painter

Several parts of the Substance Painter engine have been rewritten and you should see improved performances in multiple areas. Loading and texture-set ...

ue_tablet_mat_3.jpg ...

Industry Standard. Substance Painter ...

One of these tools in particular was using Substance Painter, a 3D painting and material creation app that is popular in the video games industry.

For example, I found that armourers would use Niello to pronounce details in engravings. In this instance, I used a Cavity map to achieve this effect.

Substance painter - Low poly Geo ID masks using Designer


Materials and additional height details were built in Substance Painter with the help of the mask editor and the procedural functions.

Different ways of creating directional masks in Substance Designer

Then imported the textures to UE4. alt text

This is a set of 78 Japanese Ornament Tiles for ZBrush, Substance Painter, Quixel DDO, Mixer, NDO or any other software that allows the use of normal or ...

Create textures at the resolution you will use them, then double the resolution before export for extra crispness.

Once in Painter I import the Masks and Maps I exported from my Master Graph. I put my Maps in the texture Set Slots and will use the Mask later on.

I found a way I think, plugin the map in the RGB plus add in the Alpha. Hope this helps

It might not seem to do anything but if you hit Shit+F you'll see your groups:

Next, I will right click on the mask and select Add Filter. Select the Blur option. Now, I drop the blur intensity to about .24, or until I don't see the ...

This mask is crucial in my texture workflow and can be used in various situations such as:

Introduction to Substance Painter

Learning Substance Painter


Next, I used the “Leaks” particle brush in Substance Painter, which filled crevices and flat areas and created believable rivulets of runoff water.

... check the Substance Painter presets and keep changing the fill layers projections to fit the texture the best. Always try to use fill layers and masks ...

Substance Painter Tutorial: Texture A Sci-Fi Character

Orc: a personal project by Glauco Longhi, textured in Substance Painter.

Baking ID Mask Maps in Maya for use in Substance Painter


Substance Painter Tutorial: Texture A Sci-Fi Character

Have you ever used alphas to add detail to your substance painter projects? Did you notice that adding the details took 30 minutes, while masking them out ...

Get 21 free hard-surface alphas for ZBrush and Substance

Next I added a mortar wall material, and dropped an edge scratches smart mask on it, and then I dropped a Dust Soft 2 smart mask on top to lessen the ...

... masking in Substance Painter. I point out the differences between a regular layer and fill layer as well as show masking with the Polygon fill tool.

Substance Painter: Face selection Mask

Part 1 of the Look Development Process within Substance Painter. In this video we go over the process of applying materials, working with masks, ...

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Allegorithmic Substance Painter (Pro, multi-user, floating) - additional image 1

... the ID map to mask where you'd like these areas to appear. This is a very easy way to create subtle material variation that doesn't overload your eyes.

Ready at Dawn was using this method prior to the 1.0 release of Substance Painter (Late 2014).

For the gradient maps, I made a black and white mask in Substance Painter.


Then, when baking in Painter, I selected the Polygroup/Submesh ID option as a color source in the ID Baker parameters tab.