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Super drunk law limit

Super drunk law limit


Are Michigan roads any safer after 5 years of 'super drunk' law? | MLive.com


About 33 percent of drunk drivers arrested on St. Patrick's Day 2010 were over 'super drunk law' limit

... How Many Drinks Will Get You A DUI?

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Alcohol Impairment Chart

Men v Women Alcohol Infographic

The Grand Rapids driver arrested with a .35 BAC pleaded guilty to the super- drunk charge, and the Kent County Prosecutor's Office dropped a second charge ...

A new DUI legal definition that took effect in 2010 expands the charges that police in Michigan may file against a driver arrested for drunk driving.

Utah now has the strictest drunken driving limit in the nation. Here are 9 things to know about the new state law.


Consider this chart from the California Department of Motor Vehicles—



"It's difficult for them to prosecute in a timely fashion,” he said. "And not that it really matters, but some of the fine revenue would stay with local ...

bac drinks driving chart men

13 Intoxicated ...

RIDE checks

Alberta is set to give police wide discretion to decide whether roadside administrative sanctions will be issued to drivers who blow over the legal limit ...


'Super drunk' sheriff tries to beg his way out of being arrested

Utah ready to lower its drunken-driving threshold to .05, the strictest standard in the nation. Will other states follow?

Ferndale police say a woman was arrested on 'super drunk' charges after her Jeep was hit by a train on Wednesday night.

Utah lawmakers pass toughest DUI limit in U.S.

Drinking and driving

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Rep. Norm Thurston talks about the

Minnesota May Be Losing the 0.08 Drunk Driving Law, Adapting 0.05!

Drunk Driving and Legal BAC Limits

Utah ready to lower its drunken-driving threshold to .05, the strictest standard in the nation. Will other states follow?

Michigan Drunk Driving | DUI, OWI

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Drunk Driving (DUI/DWI)

With fewer units on the streets across the state, officers spend more of their time responding to calls than hunting for drunken drivers.

Drunk driving law

A conviction for drunk driving could result in imprisonment, probation or hefty fines, and may impact your driving privileges, job prospects and insurance ...

Pittsfield Township officers lawsuit drunken driver off road crash scene 1

Detroit police seek misdemeanor drunken driving charge against commander

What Is the Texas Legal Alcohol Limit for Driving?

Which is worse: driving while drunk or stoned? The answer might surprise you.

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Alcohol Monitoring E-Books

Law Enforcement breathalyzer

The 'walk and turn' test is part of Michigan's roadside sobriety test.

Mac Miller's blood alcohol content almost twice legal limit in DUI crash

State law tightens limits for drinking and boating

Michigan OWI Laws

Drunk Driving Deaths Dipped in 2017. But That's Not the Whole Story.

Top 12 Weird DUI Laws From Around the World

Drunk driving conceptual image with a hand holding some car keys and a glass of beer

How much you've had to drink will help to determine which charges you end up facing.

Experienced Drug Driving Attorney Assisting Clients in Grand Rapids, Michigan

What is first offense drunk driving charge in Michigan?

Blair, Wilson Raybould

DUI Defense Lawyers Help Truck Drivers in Santa Cruz, Cochise, Graham, and Pinal Counties


Police stop vehicles as part of a festive ride program in this file photo. On Dec. 18, 2018, police will be able to demand random breath tests from any ...



(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Rep. Norm Thurston talks about Utah's

A driver of a Tesla was arrested on the Bay Bridge Thursday night. Photo:

The Swedes and Alcohol: About Drinking in Sweden (Culture, Law, Prices, Alcoholism)

With many states cracking down on drunk driving, people are asking more questions about exactly what constitutes drunk driving, and how many drinks it takes ...

Guelph drunk driver blows 4 times over the legal limit

Police on the scene reported a “strong odor of alcohol.” Munnelly's preliminary breath test registered .198 — or more than twice the legal limit .

Alcohol & Drunk Driving Trends: A 2018 Retrospective

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NHL-er Busted Driving Drunk in Teletubby Costume

Is Drinking and Driving Still a Problem for Teenagers?


The strictest and most lenient states for DUI

The ...


... believe they are capable of driving after having a few drinks, but unfortunately they have an alcohol concentration level higher than the legal limit.



Super Extreme DUI

Drink driving laws differ around the world, leaving tourists vulnerable

Drunk Driving Capitals of the U.S.

Pittsfield Township lawsuit deadly drunken driving crash 3

Pam Fischer, whose son, Zach, is about to take his driver's test, fought for stricter laws on teenage driving in New Jersey. Credit Matt Rainey for The New ...