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Surgery for fungating wound

Surgery for fungating wound


Managing patients with fungating malignant wounds | Clinical | Nursing Times

Figure 2

The results of the debulking surgery are shown in Figure 2. The open wound required a small absorbent gauze, while the use of a scarf made the patient ...

image. Figure 4 - A fungating wound ...

Patient with a fungating and ulcerated shoulder mass on the operation table before surgery. Patient

Figure 1: Photograph taken just before surgery showing the fungating ulcerating mass involving the lower inner quadrant and the central part of the left ...

Managing exudate in malignant fungating wounds and solving problems for patients | Clinical | Nursing Times


(a) A fungating tumour with a terrible smell, (b) excision and closure with local flap, (c) the lesion enveloped the subclavian vessels and the branchial ...

Figure 2 - Fungating wound on the breast, chest wall and upper arm arising from recurrent breast cancer

Image 1 - a malignant (fungating) wound.


Figure 1 - A fungating wound which has developed from a malignant melanoma

Using maggots in wound care: Part 1

A fungating breast cancer with entire breast replacement and invasion of chest wall, required neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Managing exudate in malignant fungating wounds and solving problems for patients

On admission to plastic surgery consultation, the tumour had fungating appearance, drawings lining the

Figure 1.

Type 2 (impending) carotid blow out syndrome Salins N, Omkarappa LS Indian J Palliat Care

Vaginal MFW. P: Ms. C is a 57-year-old white

(a) Giant phyllodes tumour with prominent dilated subcutaneous vessels.(b) The

(a) Preoperative image of the left-sided fungating breast tumor. (b

Fungating Wound Diagram

Necrotic Scab Odour Clinimed

Left Side Neck Fungating Wound-PROBLEM: Left Side Neck Fungating Wound TREATMENT: -

M7 06 Surgical incisions

An image of fungating locally invasive anaplastic thyroid cancer after tumour reduction with a Cavitron Ultrasonic

Abolishing the breast cancer tumor through surgery.

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Fungating Breast Cancer Wound Closure

FUNGATING WOUNDS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Vascular control for a forequarter amputation of a massive fungating humeral osteosarcoma - Journal of Vascular Surgery Cases and Innovative Techniques

Mastectomy for 'fungating and bleeding' breast sarcoma

Figure1: fungating breast mass (three different views of the same mass.)

The wounds that time won't heal

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Ulcerating tumour showing local bleeding and necrosis.

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Figure 8

Wound after 4 days of VAC application postoperatively, ready for skin grafting

(a) Preoperative image of the right-sided fungating breast tumor. (b

Patient with ulcerated and actively bleeding axillary mass

A fungating wound occurs most commonly in cases where people are receiving palliative care only for cancer.

Advanced sacral pressure ulcer shows effects of pr

Figure 3

M7 09 Bumpy granulation tissue

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Joshua's wound

Sometimes, even a tiny cut can have serious and unexpected consequences. New research reveals that even a minor flesh wound can cause previously dormant ...

Wound exudate types

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Wounds & EOL

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Figure 1 Cancer on the trunk with left humerus exposed and gangrenous arm.

3 Ways to Know the Difference Between Healing and Infected Surgical Wounds

Malignant Wound Management

... of topical diamorphine for a patient with advanced breast cancer, including the way in which community nurses organised the delivery of this treatment ...

Figure 4: CT scan showing a large fungating enhancing mass of the left breast (arrow), with significant central necrosis.

10 Fungating ...

14 Fungating Lesions Can be associated with. Pain Pruritis Exudate Malodour Bleeding Infection Consider topical morphine, NSAIDs (pruritis), abx, ...

4 Fungating Wounds ...

necrotic tissue Tissue friability and bleeding Presence of odor Presence of fistula Exudate amount Wound colonized

Malignant Wound

Tumours of the hand

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Breast Cancer: Fungating Wound Treatment Using Polymeric Membrane Dressings | WoundSource

CONCLUSION: Assessment of malignant wounds, selection of appropriate dressings, related symptom management,


Malignant fungating wounds: epidemiology, aetiology ... Pages 1 - 7 - Text Version | FlipHTML5

5 Wound ...


Development and Resolution of a Kaposi's Sarcoma Lesion after Oral Surgery in a Patient with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection.

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Monitor demarcation by marking and dating the skin Consider systemic/topical antibiotics Use Mepitel on wound bed ...

Figure 5

... the wound, or gravity forces the gels to run off the wound, it is difficult to see how the antimicrobial component of dressings and gels is in contact ...


Figure 12

Classification of Wounds

In the case of anatomical approaches, the sarcoma of the femur, head and neck cancer or the vertebral tumour can be removed with pain relief.

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E-session 325 - Malignant fungating wounds (session held in collaboration with EONS)

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This intra-operative photograph shows the free skin graft being sutured in position. The