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Tec 9 bolt

Tec 9 bolt


Intratec TEC-9: full disassembly & assembly

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tec-9 ab-10 kg-9 kg-99 intradynamics inratec 9mm gangster

The TAC-9 with a SIG brace attached.

Intratec Tec-9 Complete Bolt Assembly + Extractor - Picture 2

Picture of Step 3: Remove Retaining Bolt From Frame

Home-Made Replacement Extractor Claw in AP-9 Bolt 1 by turbo1889, on Flickr

How a Intratec TEC-9 works

Interdynamics of America - KG9 Rare Open Bolt (illegal in tec 9, intratec)

Picture of Step 6: Remove Charging Handle From Bolt.

380958973, Tec-9 Stripped Bolt 9mm

Intratec Tec-9 - Design sold, company and product name changes

Intratec TEC 9 Semi-automatic pistol United States

I am asking $50 (includes ship in the lower 48) or possible trade up, down or even. Looking for anything WWII German, AR/AK stuff and?

Home-Made Replacement Extractor Claw in AP-9 Bolt 2 by turbo1889, on Flickr

Tec 9 Full Auto Bolt Keywords Suggestions

Picture of Step 1: Get Your Gun

So when the trigger is pulled, the bolt slams forward, strips a round from the magazine, and keeps on chugging. It really is mind-blowingly simple and I ...

Tec-9 / AB-10 Bolt handle - Picture 1

Notice the differences in how the firing pin is setup on the respective bolts, and the slot milled into the semi auto bolt to accommodate the striker's arm.


Good condition polished Intratec TEC-9 / DC-9 / AB10 upper receiver with threaded barrel. Complete with bolt, firing pin, striker, both springs, end cap, ...

Mac M11-a1 Open Bolt Mac RPB Industries Cobray (Rare) .380 Auto

*Spiked, Ported Muzzle Brake for Tec 9, AB-10, & M11

AP-9 Bolt 2 by turbo1889, on Flickr

Interdynamic KG-9 "assault pistol", bolt locked in open (cocked)

Intratec Tec-9 Pistol w/ Threaded Barrel 18 Rnd NR

Kel-Tec RDB M43 Bullpup Rifle Bolt Detail

OEM Charging Handle for Intratec 9 & AB-10

Tech 9 Pistol D&R Course Disassembly and Reassembly AGI 7234

Claridge Hi-Tec/Goncz Pistol

Intratec, Model Tec-9, 9mm Caliber, Parts, Bolt

... Home-Made Replacement Extractor Claw in AP-9 Bolt 1 | by turbo1889

intratec Tec-9. Closed bolt. Large cap magazine and barrel extension/heat shroud. Original hard shell case. A lot of fun but the firing pin is broken.

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KG 9 series, Tec-9 Full Auto replacement bolt Guns > Pistols > Interarms

Intratec TEC 9 Sub-Gun Bolt 380 with Extractor

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Intratec TEC-22 TEC 22 Barrel Extension 1/2x20 tpi

... pistol It appears most likely to be Croatian in origin with obvious false branding. It most definitely has nothing to do with Intratec or the real TEC-9 ...

I have for sale a used Interdynamics KG-9 Open-Bolt semiautomatic pistol in 9mm. I have the original box that does show some wear and two magazines (one ...

How a Intratec TEC-9 works - YouTube

Weapon: Tec-9

Intratec, Model Tec-9, 9mm Caliber, Parts, Bolt Spring

Intratec AB-10 tec9 9mm tec-9 immaculate

IMG_20160718_164653.jpg ...

Mac-10 9mm Barreled Upper

Intratec, Model Tec-9, 9mm Caliber, Parts, Bolt Spring Retainer & Buffer, Bolt Spring Rod, Firing Pin Carrier Spring Rod


INTRATEC TEC-9 9mm Barrel Extension with Vented shroud (holes) 3/4x10

*TEC-9, KG-99, AB-10 Intratec 32 Rnd Magazine


Mobile-optimized version of the 1st project picture. 9mm, Sniper Green H-

Hopefully amusing for you guys...a history of Intratec... - ParallaxBill's Curio & Relic and Military Surplus Firear

fully open bolt tec 9 1984 model 36 round mag works great been in my safe for 25 years serial number 1500.... cash offers trades full tec 9 real deal ...

Anyone else like the Intratec TEC-9 pistols? I especially love the early Interdynamic

Flash is evil.


The mechanism itself, while a very simple example of the open bolt spray-and-pray variety, is one of the most rugged blowback mechanisms of the latter ...

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Last (But definitely not least) we have a Receiver for a M11/9 Mac type pistol, this is identical to the closed bolt SWD 9mm pistols, except it has MPA on ...

Diagram of the Interdynamic KG-99, the failed open-bolt SMG turned closed bolt semi-automatic pistol that would later have its foregrip removed to become ...

Buffer Plate for Tec 9

*skeleton Folding Stock And Adapter For Cobray M-11 Semi Auto on www.Gun.Rodeo

A-Tec Muzzle Brake

... Mobile-friendly version of the 5th project picture. 9mm, Sniper Green H- ...

Looking to buy an Intratec 9, KG9, DC9 or other variants. Open bolt preferred. ORIGINAL FACTORY MAGS ARE A MUST. Text me at REDACTED

... Image of Tec-9 Disassembly 3D for iPhone ...

PREBAN Intratec TEC-DC9 9mm Pistol TEC9 TEC-9 AB10


homemadetec9factory2 improguns

Kel-Tec PF-9 Semi Auto Handgun 9mm 3.1 Barrel 7 Rounds Gray Polymer Grips Blued Slide


The Intratec TEC DC-9, commonly known as the "TEC-9", is primarily sold as a semi-automatic pistol but has the appearance of a machine pistol; an earlier, ...

tec 9 parts mm stripped bolt in perfect working condition gun we are selling items from . tec 9 ...

WiP: Tec 9 Prop pistol by LightbringerCosplay ...

Unless Your Older Then 50 You Probably Never Saw One In Person

Noise Maker, Atlanta Georgia, You Magazine, Man Stuff, Firearms, Guns, Hand Guns, Weapons Guns, Gun. RAE Industries ยท TEC9

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KEL TEC SUB 2000 Bolt Tube Cover

Browning Hi-Power 13+1 shot 9mm Luger pistol

Calico M110, MAC10, PM11, AP9, AB10, SPORT22, Tec22, AP9(Fresno) [Archive] - Calguns.net

Think modern/plastic version of a sten, grease, or Carl Gustav m/45 gun. Open Bolt MG. Then Interdynamic USA created KG-9 an open bolt semi-auto.

TEC-9 Bolt

tec9 kg9 Maruzen.

TEC 9 9mm Flash Hider 3/4x10 tpi