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Texas liquor laws holidays

Texas liquor laws holidays


This is when liquor is banned in Texas

Stock up on liquor, as Texans can't buy it on Christmas or New Year's Day


Saturday is the last day to buy liquor in Texas before New Year's Eve and New

Texas Liquor Store Hours

Texas liquor licenses: Package stores to appeal Walmart booze sales ruling

The 12 Liquors Every College Student Needs to Know

TGI Houston: Chinedu on Texas holiday liquor laws

Attention, Texans: Be sure to buy liquor before Christmas Day | Texas Politics | Dallas News

The alcohol aisle of a grocery store in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, on a Sunday morning. The aisle is roped off for compliance with the state's alcohol ...

Texas Alcohol Laws: Can't Live With 'Em, Pass the Beer Nuts

Big box stores like Walmart could start selling liquor at its Texas stores after judge's ruling

A federal judge in Texas overturned a law preventing big-box public retailers from selling

Were lawmakers drunk when they wrote Texas alcohol laws?

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15 unusual facts about Texas' alcohol laws

Comparing Tennessee's liquor laws to those of neighboring states


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Sunday Laws in Ontario, 1911

Important Note: Texas Bans Liquor Sales On Christmas, New Year's

Can You Buy Alcohol on Memorial Day?

If You Plan To Add A Little Liquor To That Holiday Eggnog, Be Aware Of This Texas Law!

Holiday Alcohol Laws Booklet

Do 'blue laws' still exist in the Lone Star State? Curious Texas investigates | Curious Texas | Dallas News

Are Liquor Stores Open New Year's Eve 2018 & New Year's Day 2019? State-by-State List

Can You Buy Alcohol on Christmas Day?

Last day to buy liquor in Texas before Christmas is Saturday

Bluebonnets, cowboy boots, and breakfast tacos are all wonderful things about the great state of Texas. But there are also a few things that don't make ...

Raymond's bills aren't the only possible changes to Texas liquor law. The state is fighting a lawsuit in federal court that seeks to open up liquor sales in ...

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Oddball Liquor Laws Around the U.S.A.

Texas beer

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TABC Talks - Holiday/Private/Charitable Special Events

New law allows wine and liquor sales on Fourth of July, other holidays | FOX13. "

Drinking in restaurants: There are a few things you have to know if you're planning on imbibing at a food establishment.

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Spec's Liquor President John Rydman, with wife and owner Lindy Rydman in blue and their

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Oklahoma's Changing Liquor Laws: Hours of Operation

Basics of Ohio Liquor Laws

Can you buy wine on Sunday in Tennessee

Run to the nearest liquor store now. Liquor stores are closed on Christmas Day and

Curious Texas is an ongoing project from The Dallas Morning News that invites you to join in our reporting process. The idea is simple: You have questions, ...


You can buy wine on Sunday: Governor signs bill, liquor stores can open Sunday

Texans Might Finally Be Able to Buy Liquor from Costco, Thanks to Judge's Ruling

Texas liquor stores to appeal ruling allowing Walmart to sell bottled booze in the state

**Laws can and do change in each state. Do not use this list as a complete comprehensive list of active laws. Abide by your state's laws regarding alcohol.

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Were lawmakers drunk when they wrote Texas alcohol laws? | Commentary | Dallas News

A sign on the door at Liquid Town on South Alameda Street reminds shoppers that the

Texans Might Finally Be Able to Buy Liquor from Costco, Thanks to Judge's Ruling

Love with an Expiration Date: Navigating Terminal Relationships

Walmarts may be stocking liquor in Texas if ruling holds | Retail | Dallas News

Holiday Liquor Laws: Where to Buy Your Christmas Cup of Cheer | Competitive Enterprise Institute

Hold the Eggnog: States That Limit Alcohol Sales on Christmas Day

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Where Is It Legal to Drink Under 21 in the US? This Map Shows Drinking Laws ...


Drinking in Utah

New law allows wine and liquor sales on Fourth of July, other holidays | FOX13. "

For those companies that have decided their holiday party will only be merry if alcohol is

Increased Drunk Driving Patrols to Continue in Harris County

Texas Cheese Ball

Texas Alcohol Laws: What You Need to Know

Blue law


Afternoon delight: Technically, there are no happy hours in Indiana — while a bar can offer all-day drink specials, state law prohibits retailers from ...

DPD vice unit's new sex-trafficking tactic — get tough on traffickers and help victims — is exactly right

Grocery stores can't sell liquor, wine, or full-strength beer: Liquor stores, breweries, vintners, and distilleries are the only places you can legally buy ...

Austin's Argus Cidery is Texas' first American hard cider and is crafted from apples grown

Welcome to Denton, Where You Can Legally Drink Alcohol in Public | Dallas Observer

There is one thing locals and visitors and transplants to Nashville can agree on: It's really hard to purchase alcohol here, even for people who are legally ...

A state-by-state guide to liquor laws around the nation