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Judul:w h a t is l o v e ? | Steve & Tony (Civil War SPOILERS)
Diterbitkan:16 Mei 2016
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" I give you my love, but you don't care.
So what is right, and what is wrong? Give me a sign...
w h a t is l o v e ? "

OMG 30k views?!? Thank you so much guys! ;D :3

With the release of Civil War... Omg, I can't, too many feels for my babies :'( I've loved Avengers since I was a little girl and watching Captain America: Civil War hit me real hard. I've always loved, and love, and will always love the dynamic between Steve and Tony: opposite personalities, but still, best friends. They know each other so well, like... I've always felt that for some strange reason, opposites know wach other perfectly: every move, every breath, every word... Enemies, opposites that complement each other and know each other to the point of knowing what the other thinks, what the other will do. And to see that kind of relationship in friends really gets me emotional.

The best quote that describes this kind of relationships is this:

"Be my enemy in the name of friendship".

So many feels.
Song: Look at the title.
Footage: Avengers, Avengers Age of Ultron, CA: CW.
Coloring: kindon18.


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