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Judul:Mother of Neverland (Peter Pan Fanfic Trailer)
Diterbitkan:10 Januari 2013
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Sequel to Peter Pan 2.

Jane returns to neverland to save peter's life and ends up staying to be the lost boys mother.


Opening dialogue - Eve's Bayou

He's sick, he may be dying... Beauty and the Beast

Jane? ...You changed...Return to neverland

Come down here! No! Not that...way. Pocahontas

I changed my mind...Titanic

Oh...he's very handsome, isn't he? Little Mermaid

I'm Jack...Titanic

Do you think of me when we're not together? ...I think of you all the time...the Duchess

I don't understand a god who would let us meet if there's no way we could ever be together...City of Angels???

You must leave and be with me...the Duchess

What's happening to me? harry potter

Why are you doing this? The tudors

Your a traitor jane! You lied to me! Return to neverland

No! I loved you! and I love you still! The tudors

If you do not give him up at once...I will see to it that you will never see your children again. What kind of man are you!? ... I won't give him up! ... This will be the mistake of your life... the duchess.

Don't go out there...Pocahontas

Tigerlily...Peter Pan

He's one of them! ...Pocahontas

You don't know him!...little mermaid

There are limits to the sacrifices one makes for one's children....No there aren't...the duchess.

The child's growing up.... Peter!....Peter Pan

They've got you trapped! and your gonna die if you don't break free maybe not right away because your strong but...sooner or later that fire that I love about you...that fire's gonna burn out...Titanic

I cannot abandon my children...listen to what you are asking me to do...the duchess
It's not up to you to save me jack...Titanic

He can give up his existence as he knows it, he can give up eternity and of us....its up to you....City of Angels???

Characters -

Jane - Ariel(Little Mermaid)
Peter Pan - himself and Cornelius(Thumbelina)
Jack - Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet)
Captain Hook - Himself(Peter Pan)
Tigerlily - Nakoma(Pocahontas)

Music -
Return of the King
Lost in Paradise - Evanescence


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