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Judul:"All GH3 Riffs on a Real Guitar" song 100% FC'd on Guitar Hero 3! (+Chart Download)
Diterbitkan:17 April 2017
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I thought it would be ironic to put Danilo Vicari's song “All Guitar Hero 3 Riffs On A Real Guitar” back into Guitar Hero 3... And this was the result. XD I originally left a comment on his video saying that as a joke, but then he actually responded so I figured “Whelp, may as well go for it!”

I figured this would also be a good time to showcase my recent achievement of getting a 100% FC on every Guitar Hero 3 song in the quickplay setlist. (And yes I know the scores are terrible. I never played for score, I just wanted the FC's)

WHICH SONG IS YOUR FAVOURITE? Let me know in the comments. :)

Unbelievable the amount of support from you guys lately. Almost 2,000 subs already??? That's crazy. Thanks so much to everyone that's joined the squash basket lately.

---All Guitar Hero 3 Riffs On A Real Guitar (Original Video) (By Danilo Vicari—awesome guitarist)

---Chart Download:

---My beta website: