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Judul:LIVE — Hurricane Michael is a Cat 4 and Heading Towards Panama City, FL
Diterbitkan:10 Oktober 2018
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Hurricane Michael is setting his sights on the panhandle of Florida and I am in the Panama City , FL area to intercept the hurricane and livestream the event. I will be showing what I see as I am working as a professional storm cameraman. My first hurricane intercept was Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and I have intercepted over 200 landfalling tropical systems around the globe since then. I am out in the storm because I am WORKING. I’ve done this before and have learned my lessons the hard way. Do NOT attempt to intercept a tropical storm, hurricane, or any severe weather unless you are trained and are performing your work duties!

The MODERATORS have broad powers to keep the chat clean and focused on what we are seeing in the livestream and amateur radio. This is not the place for Global Warming talk, politics, foul language, bashing minorities, or anything else the moderators feel is inappropriate. The chat is for discussing what is being shown in the livestream, amateur radio, and what I bring up on-camera, anything else is inappropriate. The chatroom is NOT a free-speech zone–keep it clean and the comments appropriate, or the ban hammer will come down swiftly and surely. Moreover, I am not able to take requests to do health and welfare checks on your relatives. If you are concerned about your loved ones, please contact the proper authorities.

The link above is for the T-Shirts that several of you asked that we make available for those who rode along during the coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Be sure to order yours, today!