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Vsts query builds

Vsts query builds


MySQL for Visual Studio - Query Designer

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The Install, Share and Query Version tasks were ported over in no-time as well as some features such as Override Task Version and the Extension tag option.

Add a Powershell task as the first task in the build pipeline.

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Tfs Build: Query Build Table for historical Build Status, Compilation Status, and Test Status

Default build definition contains multiple tasks to perform specific operation, as described below.

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MySQL for Visual Studio - Design Time Support

I found an image showing what I'm missing from the UI (highlighted in yellow). I captured it from VSTS Queries. ...


Team Foundation Server 2015 - Dashboard Capabilities

... UI?no-query-explorer.jpgbacklog-explorer.jpg

... UI?no-query-explorer.jpgbacklog-explorer.jpg

Create a query (Tree of work items) enter image description here

4-2 Configured new features VSTS

Guides for Using Visual Studio Reporting Services

I am not really sure what this means (MSBuild not supported ... Build Successful). I'm using Visual Studio Build:

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Build with NuGet Tool Installer task

To access this detail of the build via the api you're using; I tested against builds that have already completed and builds in progress, this detail was ...

On the click of that option, the wizard similar to one that existed in TFS 2008 started. It accepted regular options of Name, Workspace, build server and ...

On the VSTS page, the Dashboard tab is selected. Six panes display: Welcome

With TFS and VSTS you'll get access to a web portal that shows what work's been assigned to you, as well as helping a team plan out project sprints.

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Build task setup for conditional fail

Then to set-it all up we added a PowerShell task group calling the Cleanup- Builds command in an inline script as shown below

kanban-outpt.jpg ...

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Developing with Visual Studio Team Services

We'll end by looking at how to pin some of this on a dashboard in VSTS to surface some key testing metrics for visibility with your development and ...

Getting any value of this is possible but probably a lot more effort at times with all these numbers staring at you. What if you could represent all 7 of ...

MySQL for Visual Studio - Entity Framework Support

Visual Studio- Query

Building Custom Visual Studio Team Service Build Tasks With VSTS DevOps Task SDK

Everything added here will be saved for future released. add multiple emails seperated by ...

20 Microsoft Australia Security Summit Visual Studio Query View Query Builder Flexibly define queries, query across multiple types Results List Sort by ...

Assuming the ordering of the Product Backlog hasn't changed during the Sprint (for example due to new insights of the Stakeholders) the PBI that wasn't ...

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Introducing Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2017 : Introducing Agile Planning Tools | packtpub.com

Use Azure DevOps to publish XrmToolBox plugins ⋆ The Dynamics 365 Trenches

Analyze and report on your work using the new VSTS analytics service : Build 2018

The Query Editor

1-VSTS Dashboards - Previous Version

Building Custom Visual Studio Team Service Build Tasks with VSTS DevOps Task SDK Kasun Kodagoda Senior ...

InfiniteLoop.ie on Twitter: "Automate “Get Latest Version” from Visual Studio Team Services #VSTS https://t.co/pL9v0nNFQE… "

Opening Project from TFS Dashboard causes Visual Studio Web Handler Exception - Stack Overflow

Customize the tasks that are already there.

Query results from vso queries do not open in excel.excel-error.jpg ...

... build or query - automatic table of contents - save to git-repo .md, .docx - live preview more info at http://teamservices.club/ pic.twitter.com/ ...

40 VSTS Tour for the Programmer Custom Queries

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With my empty build definition I choose an appropriate agent. 'Hosted' works, but a local build server can be configured easily if that is desired.

TFS 2012 - Get a Release Build With Changesets Associated From a Given Changeset



VSTS Why is dashboard access blocked for Stakeholder accounts? Shouldn't a Stakeholder be able to see a query and/or the New Work Item ...

New Configuration File

... config-working.jpgconfig-not-working.jpg

capture.jpg ...

The Visual Studio Output window displays status messages for various features within IDE include build errors, compilation error, project configuration ...

Pre-Build script path

... VSTS to build VSTS: using release management for our test runs. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/devops/2017/08/08/how-do-we-use-rm-for-our-test-runs/ ...


Editing Build Configuration in VSTS



Edit parameter "IncludeTasks" to show childs.

Now I have another error in trying to build the solution in VSTS.

alt text

We often find it difficult to find out which process template is used by the Team Project, is it MSF Agile, Scrum or CMMI?

tfsissue1.jpg ...

To see impediment work items in "Available Work Items", you need to edit the query to make the result contain "Impediment" work item type.

Step 3 – Visualizing Impediments in VSTS

Custom build tasks in TFS 2015

TFS Work Item Customization Part 3

Additionally, make sure there are no builds scheduled / queued against the build pool.

2-VSTS Dashboards - New Version

Generate .editorconfig IntelliCode; 7.

Triggering a Build In Visual Studio Online and Check Status

2-Setting process security VSTS


Click on the Code tab on the top bar and verify the details available in the Files section. Git related details are available:

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A vNext build task and PowerShell script to generate release notes as part of TFS vNext build. – But it works on my PC!

Azure Pipeline YAML support on VSCode

Introducing Layouts and All Columns from VSTS/TFS in Times Explorer – 7pace Blog

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First, we need to go into the Agent Pools section of VSTS from the browser in the machine where we want to install the agent.

The VSTS Marketplace displays.


Agile Project Management in Team Web Access in TFS 2012 (Team Foundation Server) Part 2