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Weird chinese words

Weird chinese words


printable term list

Poor Duck…

How to speak Chinese | Funny Pics | Funnyism Funny Pictures

Body Parts

You Are the Best!


phonetic english chinese - 7387490048

Potato the Crap



funny chinglish sign

Words from Common Chinese Characters | Graphics

No Shitting

Carefully fall into the river? Where they washed the lettuce?

What they meant to say: Carp from mainland China.

funny chinese mistake

Weird English Translations By Chinese.

Asian speaks weird chinese words

Chinese Meme, Funny German Words, Learn

Measure words are an important part of Chinese!

Top 100 Cockney Rhyming Slang Words and Phrases:


A Guided Tour

Learn Chinese in 5 mins - YouTube


Duang Mandarin on Twitter: "Shocking and weird Chinese internet slang words! 😱 #Chinese #Mandarin #Slang #China #Internet #languages #polyglot… "

Beware of Missing Foot

42 Tumblr Text Posts That Will Make You Laugh No Matter What #JustRandom Funny Text

Top 10 popular Phonetic Loans😄-Smart Mandarin Foundation11 Creation of Chinese words

funny chinese menu

Chinese Restaurant

pale yellow powerpoint slide explaining romaji hiragana katakana kanji

welcome to the mental hotline sign | Rating Rate… Perfect Good Average Not that bad Very Poor

Chinese symbols for the animals of the zodiac

slide describing how katakana is foreign

A sign from Beijing's Silk Street.

Unstealthy Yin Yang - $19.00 + Free shipping

Firstly, I have been rather unwell for the past 3 weeks and is only now starting to show small signs of improvement. I woke up 1 morning with tingling and ...

Do you know how to say "I love you" in Chinese?

Fake 'training' dollar bills from China. (Calvert County Sheriff)

Chinese Calligraphy Names in Fonts

Grab Me Now!

Remove Chinese Program Virus Tencent QQPCMgr, China Virus Removal - YouTube

From ...

Shanghai-Restaurant-Funny-Chinese-Food-Menu China Travel Blog

Check These Funny Asian and Chinese Names

No Discunt

Weird English Translations By Chinese.

12 Funniest Findings in Google Translate

China Facts – Mind-Blowing Traditional Chinese Culture Facts

16 Pieces Of Japanese Clothing With Super Weird English Words - BrainJet.com

1. "What are you up to these days?" "Oh, being a meanie crime poet."

The Fu character or symbol will decorate many homes, businesses, and cities as the Chinese New Year approaches. All Chinese know the character stands for ...

If you can pronounce correctly every word in this poem, you will be speaking English

Funny Sentences to Use

Note the classic songti thick verticals and straight, thin horizontals in FZCuSong, created by famous Chinese foundry FangZheng:

Keyboard Preferences Mac OS X Yosemite

“Dude, you spent all your money. You're such a 250!”

They say 50% of all marriages end in divorce. These guys have an interesting exit strategy.

high stroke count kanji koukanwa jiten

45 Funny Telephone Game Phrases

nuke kim jong-un misinterpretation food double meaning takeout microwave chinese - 7000032000


The 60 Most Beautiful Words in the World


Not sure if this falls in the category of Easter Egg or clever manipulation, but either way, there go our afternoons: Redditor harrichr has devised a scheme ...

Wingdings and friends

katakana explanation slide

Chinglish: The Weird and Wonderful World of Chinese English - Internships in China

6. Lonely Planet said it was a must-see.

A warning sign in Singapore written in the country's four official languages: English, Chinese, Tamil and Malay. (Photo: Gabbe/Public Domain)

Hip Chinese Words

150 Weird Words That Only Architects Use

Google Translate fail


A weird illness, too many Chinese words and new friends

Burning Questions: 9 Mandarin Chinese Question Words You've Got to Know

Convert the phrase “WE REALLY HATE THIS COMPANY” or “I HATE YOU” from English to Japanese. Before, it used to come up with the word “Facebook” but it ...


Komorebi (koh-mo-reh-bee)

Dealing With China

China live entrance

Dangerous White Eyes Weird Black Cat with Chinese Words Tattoo On Upper Back 16

12:08 AM - 8 Oct 2017

slide that says how to sound fluent in japanese using katakana

funny German language meme