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Which of the following employs a round barrel vault

Which of the following employs a round barrel vault


Barrel vault

Barrel vault

Vault (architecture)

Rib vault

Roman barrel vault at the villa rustica Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany.

Groin vault

Sant'Andrea, Mantua, Alberti, begun 1462

17. Renaissance groin vault ...

Barrel vault[edit]

The painted barrel vault at the Abbey Church of Saint-Savin-sur-Gartempe is supported on tall marbled columns


barrel vault


A side aisle with masonry of massive proportions is ribbed with arches of a bold profile

Architecture Basics : Vaults

Basilica of Maxentius, Rome, 308-312




Pitched brick barrel vault[edit]


Single nave barrel vault subjected to a horizontal ground acceleration, üg=εg. (


Barrel vault





19. Arris in Groin vault ...

11. Elements of vaults ...

... Burgundy (prob. early-12C), while the aisle vaults are pointed the supporting arches – certainly the extant transverse arch - remained round -headed.

St. Louis Union Station Hotel's 65-foot barrel vaulted ceiling features a high-def light show each day.


Aquileia · Brick Barrel Vault ...

Groin vault from above.

Architectural Elements of an Arch. Wikipedia

Magnificent seven: Diocletian windows

Seismic coefficient ε for different geometries of the single-nave barrel vault with buttresses that

... Catalan vault; 7.

Cathedral of Reims, France Lierne vault of the nave of Chester Cathedral ...

Le Mans 1

A groin vault viewed from the underside, showing the arris or 'groin'.

Plan of a groin vault from above showing resultant outward thrust.

... it is a rounded barrel vault, he had to skew perspective o Employs painting to create sense of architecture  Ex.- oxidized medallion, marble, etc.

Groin vault - Santa Maria Maggiore at Guardiagrele in Abruzzo

Union Station Concourse, Washington DC, Daniel H Burnham, 1903-7

The original architectural design called for a rounded double barrel-vault roof over the main swimming pool area, in accordance with which a thin shell-type ...

EB1911 - Volume 27.djvu

Architecture Basics : Arches

A light and airy white brick structure is now partially superimposed onto the ancient walls of the Gothic Santa María church in Vilanova de la Barca.

EB1911 - Volume 27.djvu

30 Germany ...

Pointed barrel vault showing direction of lateral forces.

Barrel Vault at Bath, England

Barrel Vault with Squinch. Augustinian Monastery of Sant Jaume de Frontanyà, Spain. Photo

Aquileia · Brick Barrel Vault ...

Early English groined vaulting at Salisbury.

Frei Otto_C&M

Hagia Sophia_Section

Pitched Brick Vault Technique

a) Different Egyptian oval vaults, showing different degrees of distortion from the oval form

Nave of San Miniato al Monte (1062) showing roof trusses, Florence.

You can add them side by side to make a long apse that looks like a barrel vault but has wide open space on the sides for lots of windows, the hallmark ...

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Le Mans 2

Neo-Byzantine vaults in portal of the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, Paris,

Medieval vault in France

flying buttress

Groin vault - Renaissance groin vault loggia at the Palladio's Palazzo della Ragione, Vicenza.

The nave of Lisbon Cathedral is covered by a series of tranverse barrel vaults separated by

Portuguese Natl Pavilion

Fan vault

The cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, has large drum columns with attached shafts

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Stone Lined Barrel Vault 2000 BC. Ashkelon, Israel

Thrust curve corresponding to the minimum thrust force.


This vault was designed by architects Fernando Vegas and Camilla Mileto and executed by Salvador Gomis under the supervision of Salvador Tomás.

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DIYS - Update House Exterior with Barrel Vault Porch

3 Style General Characteristics

The characteristics of Italian Romanesque architecture

I am going to finish this post with a description of the method Romans preferred over a barrel vault to create large open spaces, the Groin Vault.

... Interiors-Titanic-Hotel-Belfast-Opening-174 ...

Nine Bridges Country Club. Digital image. Shigeru Ban Architects. N.p., n.d. Web

Clerestory - Malmesbury Abbey, Wiltshire, England. The nave wall is divided into three

(a) Exterior view of the church of Agia Marina, Frenaros, Cyprus (

... each vaulted with a cloister dome. Transverse ribs are also found in the Roman Piscinae and in the Nyfnphaeum at Nimes; they were not introduced by the ...

Entrance gallery (half-barrel vault) to Cappella Pazzi in courtyard of Basilica di

... the most similar geometry of catenary vault (i.e. H/R = 1.2). (To be noted, data published by Toy and Tahouri (1988) has been extracted and re-plotted ...

... essentially two significant schools of pointed architecture in France – the Gothic or proto-Gothic of the Ile-de-France and the Cistercian, in which the ...

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