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Word vba loop through table cells

Word vba loop through table cells


The "Get Table Cell Value" stage: enter image description here


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i have been using this code but it only copy pastes one row then stops rather than going through and copying any rows with "FAIL"

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enter image description here

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i have been using this code but it only copy pastes one row then stops rather than going through and copying any rows with "FAIL"

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Cell Lock

The error occurs when you want to go through rows and columns in Word vba tables.


Sample Source Data Image

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enter image description here

Because the table has linked cells, the program code causes an error in the Word add-in.

learn about VBA cell references

Right Click and Choose "Delete ...

Read XML -1

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Paste Codes->Click " ...


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There can be blank cells that show up in the Used Range, I call this



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export Excel to Word 02

b2bdce2f91cede872ee6087e692a3845.jpg. The box will iterate through all 10 cells ...

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Select a Column->Right Click->Click "Delete ...


Screenshot from one of the tabs in the downloadable file

export Excel to Word 03

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... Here is an example of the tables in my document


Else statement in VBA

Is Your Cell Blank Or Empty?


Expected Results.JPG

Insert Column to the Right

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... i need to find first row as header and rest as data field and update DBMS table accordingly.So is it possible to read the table as I would in excel?

Loop through all rows > Does row contain date? > Add cell with date to

... of filled cells - but the problem is that it prints out the same exact value for each cell even though they are totally different.


Click for larger image

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Activate Cell in selection -1

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Let's say I want to copy the below table from a website. In the Country of Origin field, each country has a logo of the country.

Table looping console output

Click "Layout"->Check the ...


Example of a conditional statement in a loop within a macro to delete rows

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Do While Excel VBA loop second process

enter image description here

Identify row to delete > Delete row and shift cells up