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Wordpress login redirect to my account

Wordpress login redirect to my account


Login page redirect / refreshing error in WordPress

How to redirect to previous page after login with the Ultimate Member plugin in WordPress

Start by clearing the cache and cookies of your web browser. Restart the program and try to log into your website again.

How to Fix WordPress Login Redirect Loop Issue

Redirect User After login [in WordPress] to Homepage or Specific Page


customize wordpress login page error message

Redirect user by role to custom page after login – WordPress

And when the user registers it will take them to my account page.

Creating a custom login page for WordPress


Customizer editor of WordPress Custom Login Page Plugin

How to Create a Custom Login Page for WordPress

How to Add a Redirect Link to Your Wordpress Login Page

I wish to redirect my no logged user to a custom login page (setted under ultimate member too), not on a standard wordpress login page. How can i do that?

Delete .htaccess FileZilla

Registration and Login PopUp - registration field-custom fields- WordPress user registration plugin -

I am working on a WordPress website account settings page. When I will click on save changes button I want to save and validate and go to author.php page. ...

Using Peter's Login Redirect Plugin

How To Customize The WordPress Login Page

If all you want is to change the logo on your login page, this is the plugin for you. Uber Login Logo is a lightweight solution for branding the login page ...

BuddyPress Redirect plugin gives an option to WordPress BuddyPress based Community/Social website owners to decide that where their users should be ...

WooCommerce login register

Redirecting user to a page after Login / Logout

16 Best Custom Login Page Generator Plugins For WordPress

Theme My Login redirect

Membership plugin Login ReCaptcha

WooCommerce prevent user account creation

How to fix WordPress login page redirect issue


Wishlist Member Login Redirect

This will disable all of the plugins on your website and give you access. That is if it's a plugin that is causing the login redirect problem in WordPress.


Wordpress Website - Redirect Users to Custom Page After Login

Free WordPress Social Login Plugin – AccessPress Social Login Lite

Redirect after close WordPress popup plugin

6 Common WordPress Login Issues (and Their Solutions)

Wordpress redirect from non-www to www (site url change)

... Login screen section ...

Login Logout Wordpress Redirect

AccessPress Social Login Lite – Social Login WordPress Plugin | WordPress .org

Then, click Login found under the Menu Structure. Next, paste the CSS code you copied earlier into the CSS Classes field. Don't forget to click the Save ...

... Settings - Redirects ...


Redirect Users After Login for WordPress

How to Redirect Users in WordPress After a Successful Login

screenshots/ex1.jpg ...

The drop down window expands a list of all active users in your WordPress website. Assign the URLs and click the “Add username rule” to save the setting.


This is a simple trick, really… but it's so useful ! How many people asked me “how do i redirect a user once he's logged in?”…. crazy!

Setting up Ultimate Member plugin register page for WordPress.

5+ Best WordPress User Registration & Profile Plugins Compared ...

... which you want to be redirected. The default slug is “not_found” but I made a custom page saying “Better luck next time buddy :D” and put its slug here.

18 - How To Enable Registration On "My Account" Page? (WooCommerce Tutorial)

Peters login redirect

Redirect Wordpress Users After They login Away From Admin Page

Go to the Settings to get your App ID and App Secret

Wordpress change admin login logo and url

You are now logged into WooCommerce.com and can view your My Account Dashboard, Downloads, Orders and Subscriptions, and open or check status on Tickets.

WooCommerce Login Plugins

It's Episode 372 and we've got plugins for Login Redirects, External Product URLs

WordPress Login Form

WordPress Login Page Refresh & Redirect Error

How to set Redirect on Login for Frontend Dashboard WordPress plugin

Customizable login/logout redirection settings.


Trouble logging into your WordPress Admin

select modal login box type

Icarus All In One Page Redirect Plugin for WordPress

Restricting access to a site for logged in users or specific IP address

Do you want to allow users to register on your WordPress site but don't want them to access the admin area? Theme My Login is a popular WordPress plugin ...

Redirect WordPress Users to Your Homepage from the Login Screen

You are now logged into WooCommerce.com and can view your My Account Dashboard, Downloads, Orders and Subscriptions, and open or check status on Tickets.

WooCommerce: fix the cart is empty issue

Click the “Visit My Account” button

WooCommerce Social Login – WordPress plugin

Peter's Login redirect


different custom login page templates wordpress custom login page

Colorlib Login Customizer is by far the most versatile plugin that allow to customize login form for WordPress. It packs all the functionality you will find ...

Feel free to comment and reach out to us in case you're having any trouble integrating Twitter with your WordPress site.


Looking a bit more complete now

In his website when his user logged in or register through the my-account page, After the login/registration they redirected ...

login module

How to Securely Send WordPress Emails Using Gmail SMTP with WP Mail SMTP

WordPress ._How_to_create_a_redirect_from_a_home_page_to_any_URL_using_the_PHP_redirect-1

Frontend Dashboard Settings | Login | Settings ...

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