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Zdoom use shaders for lights

Zdoom use shaders for lights



Sun light source

This is using exactly the same Config file for both versions, and GL_Lights_Additive it set to False.

In this scene there are three Spectres and a Lost Soul named Goldilocks. However for this case to work the Spectres aren't being rendered to the main scene ...

But sometimes looked like:

When using ZDoom's normal old sector color, bright elements on the weapon (and other actors) light up properly.

Haha! Check it out! I can now fire an Arachnotron Plasma Rifle! Anyone want the .WADs? I made them to go with PerK's Smooth Weapons Enhanced.


The one on the right is affected by the red glow from the powerup whereas the one on the left is out with the range of the light and not affected.


I'm working on a script that transforms mostly any level into a Doom 64-themed level. The script seeks out certain textures and replaces/lights sectors ...

Of course the light blue tint is because bluh bluh colored light magic, so I gave it the appropriate color for this screenshot.



I do not have access to the d64 lights in the current gzdoom since it uses glshaders and I do not have support for that, in the image you can see it ...

Now that's a lot of lights!

The texture in the alcoves is pure white and the light level is 255 yet there are still shadows in the corners. While this particular example is just that, ...

Consolation Prize: Console TCs for Gameplay Mods (p8 641.5)

[Brutal Doom 21 RC1] Editing projectiles sprites?

Attn. spotlights do not illuminate wall decals

I've done some more blind fumbling with shaders and this is the current result. On the left is a the default rendering of a model with no dynamic lights ...

What if Zdoom had Dynamic Lights? well, now you can.

Re: [gizdoom] Lazy palette shader

Here are GZDoom's D64 lighting effects paired with the shotgun's bright flash state. Notice the dull muzzleflash:

Brutal Doom v19 with SSAO, DoF, Bloom etc. (QEffectsGL for Zandronum)

Mirror Mire

Download latest release

The remastered version adds fresh features, like High Definition Textures with PBR materials, Dynamic Lights, shaders and postprocessing effects.

Doom Remake 4 (with soundtracks)


Fake volumetrics and other tricks

Another try: Copy and paste the exact same light from the testmap do my map, made the sectors light level 0, made sure the lines are 1-sided and solid

Fake volumetrics and other tricks

Archviz in GZDoom? ;) The attenuated lights makes ALL the difference!

Also, I noticed many players like to use darkening mods like Dark Doom, which make the picture hard to see, is there a way to force a single line to be ...

Is it possible to achieve the original Doom's low-light desaturation effect in GZDoom? : Doom

[Release] Laz Rojas' WolfenDoom for ZDoom

GZDoom Mods: Dynamic blob shadow on Software renderer

Stronghold - On the Edge of Chaos

It looks OK in the first shot but the flare can often be seen in positions where it really isn't logical that it should be seen (ie the second shot).

0 size 16 subtractive 1 dontlightself 1} object WeaponEnergy {frame EBALA { light HCAPSULE1} frame EBALB {light HCAPSULE1}} object BigWeaponEnergy {frame ...

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After more than 6 years in development, Total Chaos, the survival horror total conversion for Doom II and with impressive new GZDoom graphical features, ...

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Below you can see clearly that the Doom 3 light has a nice aura (like haze, since it's not too strong) and that this aura disappears without directly sight ...


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The DSC takes advantage of the newest features of gzdoom, such as hardware shaders, full-screen post-processing, PBR textures (normals and specular maps, ...


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This post is meant to keep all followers here informed about the development of the mod. Originally, I wanted to show all these features in a video ...

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It's one of the best doom WADs of this kind (Total conversions, big adventure style, using zdoom resources) I've ...

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As you would expect from an Elder Scrolls game, the world of Skyrim is huge with plenty of room for exploration (and later, modding).

Did someone say Doom?

I recently discovered linear attenuation + fading and some better sunlight shaders :D

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Lots of progress on hardware accelerated VitaQuake for the PSVita/PSTV - Rinnegatamante working to bring 3D GPU acceleration in Vita homebrew/emulators ...

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Batman Doom 2015

Doom Slayer Chronicles will push the GZDoom Engine to its limits (dynamic lighting, PBR textures, hardware shaders) : Doom

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Near the origin of the zone

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Did someone say Doom?

Quake II engine


/vr/ - Retro Games


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