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Zulrah void setup

Zulrah void setup


Complete Zulrah setup guide

Runescape 2007- FULL zulrah guide (includes voidless setups) OUTDATED - YouTube

What can I change / upgrade in my Zulrah setup ...

Oldschool Runescape - Zulrah Gameplay OUTDATED (0:55 second kill, 30 kills per hour, 3.2M+gp/h)

Zulrah guide ALL Phases/Patterns included with Different Gear. Ready Set Go!


Ultimate Zulrah Guide 20 Kills/hr ALL Rotations (Best gp/hr in game) - YouTube

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Zulrah on OSRS Mobile! Spoiler: it's hard.

My whole gear setup right now is about 2 mil. My Trident is only about 100k because I only charged it with 200 charges, and the rest of my gear isn't worth ...

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10:02 PM - 4 Jan 2017

OSRS Zulrah Guide

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My Zulrah Rotation Map - designed for dual monitor setup - Album on Imgur


Of course, you'll need Protection Prayers as well. In order to get to Zulrah, you'll need to have started the Regicide Quest, and you can use a Fairy Ring ...


In Depth Zulrah Guide - Any Levels

It has finally happened, I joined the world of hardcore ironmen and ironwomen. I

fuck zulrah, took so long for me to kill her once, i hate it

1 Month ZULRAH Loot Tab!

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Zulrah Range Only Ironman (Basic/Welfare Gear Setup)


RS Zulrah Guide Void/ahrim's setups 1,5M-2,5M/hour

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OSRS - Loot From TWISTED BOW at Zulrah!

I Eat Zulrah - (Old) 0:58 Zulrah kill

We just added Zulrah ingame! With a quest followed up behind it. Only on

OSRS - Welfare vs Wealth: ZULRAH (#4)

12:38 PM - 29 Jun 2017

4 Ways to Make Bank at Zulrah (Welfare & High Tier)

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zulrah - magic only rotasi 3 ( low magic stat) ...

Runescape PvP World Pking Vid 16 Ahrim's Pking

Testing Zulrah in MAX GEAR for 10 hours

OSRS Range guide: How to level Range easily in 2018

A lot of viewers have been asking of a Zulrah/Jad guide so I went a head and created one! Including rotation charts, pure/zerk/main setups and much more!

2019 Barrows Guide: Everything You Need to Know

My void setup for TOB thoughts? . . #osrs #osrsmobile #osrs2007 #

EdenPS Zulrah Guide. 3 Different Setups

Zulrah Rotation 1

Zulrah : Void or Ahrims?


View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO jad plugin.jpg, ...

Comprehensive Zulrah Guide 1.8m GP/Hour!

Hey this is a very requested guide on how to do zulrah. I show every phase and try to give a step by step way to do it.

OSR-Account with 1 attack, 90 strength, 1 defense

OSRS Zulrah Guide For Magician - Rotation 3

Some Saturday mobile zulrah. #osrsmobile #zulrah #oldschoolrunescape #osrs #runescape


void setup⚠ 音が小さいのにタップ音が大きい事件

Wiggled - Ahrims, Ahrims & Some More Ahrims

First zulrah drop at 30kc! Kinda called it haha #osrs #osrs2007 #runescape

Raids + Long Sara Trio - YouTube Stream (Feb 10, 2017)

Most of my loot from WinterTodt. The Tome has 1780 charges. 💜 #osrs

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If you P2P get a smoke battle-staff s you dont need AIR and FIRE runes.

Zulrah at 49 Combat. 51 HP! God damn that was hell trying to slay

ZULRAH Rotation 3 With Void Mage/Range Setup

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OH MY GOD those last 120 kills thoo! The luck! I'm sooo

Comparing Armadyl to Void at Vorkath

Easiest way to Build a Pure (OSRS Pure Guide) - Welcome to the OSRS

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Senior ...

Som ses på billederne, har den fantastiske stats og der kan hurtigt blive lavet mange penge derpå, bl.a. igennem Zulrah eller bosses.

My theatre of blood setup (i dont like to run the salve although I have


Posts ...

Press F in the chat is you're triggered that I got Zulrah pet sub 1,000 kills. • • • • • #RuneScape #OldSchoolRuneScape #OSRS #TheDailyRuneScape #PVM ...

Efficient Ironman Cerberus Guide - Afghan Dan

[UPDATED] RS Zulrah Guide {Ironman, Void , Ahrims } Setups / Tips

Lets go! Max gear to go to my first armadyl trip :D This is

Learn Zulrah Rotations Easy

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Loot from 50 Nomad kills.

It's done! 1000 Vorkath kc. So around 233 kills made me 30-33m

Once you get you magic for -65 and have staff equipped, go to combat sytle and choose the spell book and choose the spell you would like to cast and make ...

void setup(ふつう) オート

Shout out to @os_somos for his insane zulrah kc and finally getting that tanz mutangen

What can I do to improve my zulrah times?

Haters will always have a reason to put you down, I'd like to thank my mom for my gear!